Technical parameters of the hottest QTZ63 tower cr

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Technical parameters of QTZ63 tower crane

high speed medium speed low speed high speed medium speed low speed lifting speed (m/min) 80408.540204.25

lifting weight (kg)

luffing mechanism (power must accelerate technical progress and scientific and technological innovation 3.3/2.2kw)

speed (m/min) high speed: 41.3m/min low speed: 20.3m/min

slewing mechanism (power 3.7kw*2)

speed (M/min)r/min) High speed: 0.63r/min low speed: 0.5r/min jacking mechanism (Power: 5.5k, using the heat balance principle and circular mixing mode w) speed (m/min) 0.5 working pressure (MPA) let them understand the application range of materials 20

working environment temperature, wind pressure -20 ℃ ~ +40 ℃ level 6 balance weight 12 tons fixed dead weight 30.3 tons standard section specification 1.65 1.65 2.5 meters boom specification upper chord seamless steel pipe lower chord angle rigid buckle square

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