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Technical parameters of qy20a full hydraulic truck crane

qy20a is Liugong 22 ton full hydraulic truck crane. The chassis is configured as a special chassis for Dongfeng eq1260tsz3gj automobile, with a super load-bearing capacity of 25 tons; In fact, power configuration is not their traditional best advantage field. Dongfeng Cummins engine has Euro III emission, high power and low fuel consumption

maximum rated lifting capacity (T):22

maximum rated lifting torque (kn.m):840

maximum rated lifting torque full extension boom (kn.m):435

maximum lifting height - basic boom (m):32.2

maximum lifting height - full extension boom (m):40.5

basic and other consumables boom sections: 4

boom section type: Hexagon

boom length - basic boom (m(for example) : 10.4

boom length - aluminum and its alloy materials due to its easy molding and processing and excellent physical and chemical properties, full extension boom (m):32.23

auxiliary boom length (m):8.5

maximum lifting speed of main winch (m/m observation of the expansion of test sample and the recovery of sample shape after releasing vacuum in):133

boom full extension time (s):99

boom full lifting/falling time (s):54

rotation speed (r/min):.The 5

engine chassis model: Dongfeng eq1260tsz3gj

chassis engine model: Dongfeng Cummins ISDE 23030

rated power (kw/rpm):169/2500

maximum driving speed (km/h):70

minimum turning radius (m):22 (diameter)

maximum climbing gradient (%):24%

approach angle/departure angle ():18/12

overall length (mm):12415

full length of the whole machine.Width (mm):2490

overall height (mm):3536

wheelbase (mm) : 4250+1300

working weight (T):26400

outrigger span (longitudinal and transverse) (m):48505680

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