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Sunway shares strives to be the leader of China's special cables,

rooted in Western China, () has targeted international first-class enterprises to open the road of brand upgrading. That is to strive to be the leader of China's special cables and build Shangwei Co., Ltd. into a "domestic leading and international first-class" cable enterprise

"as long as the original intention does not change, the fire of dreams will never go out. Facing the future, we should uphold the original intention and ambition of becoming a leader in the industry!" Li Guangsheng, chairman of Sunway, was full of ambition. He said that he would have the determination to dig deep into the mountains, unswervingly follow the path of intelligent manufacturing and lean management, and strive to build a modern, high-end and international Sunway in five to ten years

Sunway shares believes that the country has promulgated the ten-year action plan of "made in China 2025", which has the strategic goal of achieving a manufacturing power. "Intelligent manufacturing" is accelerating the revolution of China's manufacturing industry. As a member of a manufacturing enterprise, sunway shares should seize opportunities, self pressurize and forge ahead bravely

in the cable industry, sunway Co., Ltd. is the first listed enterprise in China with special cable as its main business, and the first listed enterprise of special cable in Southwest China

after more than ten years of development and accumulation, Shangwei Co., Ltd. has formed a good reputation among the majority of customer groups by strictly adhering to the concept of "100% factory pass rate"

liuzhongfan, academician of the high magnetic separation roller College of China Science and technology and professor of the school of chemistry and molecular engineering of Peking University, expressed that in order to promote the development of graphene industry, sunway has various wires and cables, such as cross-linked cables with rated voltage of 500kV and below, special cables for nuclear power plants, wind/solar photovoltaic power generation cables, marine/mining cables, military/aerospace special cables, bare wires, aluminum alloy wires and cables, etc, It is widely used in national power, nuclear power, wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation, hydropower, thermal power, petrochemical, military, aerospace and other industries. Among them, cables for nuclear power plants and rail transit have become the two gold medal products of Sunway

in the field of nuclear power, sunway Co., Ltd. is one of the two enterprises with internationally leading cable design, R & D and production and manufacturing capabilities for third-generation nuclear power plants. The joint R & D unit of class 1E wire and cable of "hualong-1" of CGN has served major projects such as Yangjiang Nuclear power and Lufeng nuclear power, and provided products to thousands of nuclear power supporting equipment manufacturers. Based on more than 30 years of experience in nuclear power research, design, manufacturing, construction and operation in China, and based on the experience feedback of Fukushima nuclear accident and the latest safety requirements in China and the world, the new composite material "hualong-1" is an internationally advanced nuclear power technology developed in combination with the innovative safety design concept of "combination of active and passive", and it is also the main brand of China's nuclear power "going global". In October this year, hualong-1, together with domestic aircraft carriers and manned spaceflight, was included in the "public welfare communication of major national projects" project of China Central Radio and television

at present, through strategic cooperation with China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., the safety index and technical performance of "hualong-1" cable will reach the advanced level of international third-generation nuclear power technology, which makes Shangwei a leading cable enterprise in the field of nuclear power

in the field of rail transit cables, after the "Aokai incident" of Xi'an Metro in 2017, focusing on the bidding of Xi'an metro project, sunway Co., Ltd. concentrated on research and development. The cables for urban rail transit, subway and 27.5kV single-phase XLPE insulated cables in the field of rail transit launched by the company were all qualified through sampling inspection, filling the market gap of the company in the field of rail transit

it is precisely because the company has always maintained a high degree of vigilance in quality management. Relying on excellent product quality and high standard service quality, sunway Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for Xi'an Metro Line 4 project. All performance indicators of the product fully meet the stringent requirements, making the "Xi'an metro project" a key business card for the company to further expand the rail transit market

with the industrialization of urban rail transit cables and subway cables, the rail transit market of Sunway Co., Ltd. grew from scratch and achieved sales of more than 100 million in 2018. At the same time, the company has won many rail transit cable projects such as Chengdu Metro and Xi'an metro, making rail transit cable another trump card product of the company after nuclear power cable

in order to serve the special cable market, sunway has established two provincial enterprise technology centers in Sichuan and Anhui, and two provincial engineering technology research centers in Sichuan and Anhui. Every year, provincial scientific and technological achievements are evaluated, and new products, new technologies and new processes are applied for patent protection in time. It has more than 170 national patents, 12 national and provincial new products and scientific and technological progress awards, and 15 key projects included in the national torch and provincial technological innovation plan. 17 products such as grade 1E cables and high-temperature fire-resistant cables for nuclear power plants independently developed and produced fill the domestic gap, so they should be opened and added to the oil tank

at the same time, in the field of new energy, the wind power cable and solar photovoltaic power cable of Sunway Co., Ltd. have been successfully developed, both of which have won the Sichuan Science and Technology Progress Award and have achieved industrialization. In the field of military civilian integration, high-performance ship cables have been successfully developed. Through the identification of new products in Sichuan Province, this product can improve the ability of ensuring the safe operation of ships, and is of great strategic significance to China's national defense construction. Its related technology can be widely used in other special environment cables, civil ships, offshore engineering, etc., including offshore oil platform cables, port machinery cables, degaussing cables, which have been successfully developed. In the next step, the company will speed up market promotion

according to the established strategy of brand upgrading of Sunway Co., Ltd., the company has established a driving mode of adhering to the "main business of special cables + production, investment and M & a", actively promoting the construction of "collectivization" headquarters, building eight functional centers, accelerating the capacity upgrading of Sichuan Anhui base and the planning and construction of new base, creating a capacity layout supported by "three bases", and improving the marketing structure of "four districts, two departments and one company", Work hard towards the vision of "becoming a leader in the field of energy information transmission"

in 2019, sunway will further promote the transition of governance structure to collectivization. Adhering to the principle of top-level design, the headquarters formulated strategic plans, optimized the performance appraisal mechanism, reengineered the supervision and appraisal process, strengthened the business control and special control of the headquarters, and achieved the centralization of group control. Scientifically divide the four modules of strategic management and control, capital management, product operation and functional services, reduce intermediate links, and promote a flat management path

not only that, we will further allocate high-end and professional manpower around collectivization. Sunway will adhere to the strategy of export-oriented talents, improve the institutional mechanism of cultivating talents, especially attracting and retaining talents, and build a scientific, reasonable and stable talent echelon. At the same time, we will strive to promote the reform of intelligent production, promote the transformation and upgrading of Sichuan Anhui base, continue to introduce intelligent equipment in accordance with international first-class standards, speed up the pace of research and development and design of supporting systems, realize the interconnection between equipment, production lines and factories as soon as possible, constantly improve the level of production automation, and build intelligent factories

Sunway said that to promote the development path of the company's collectivization, first, focus on its own advantages and adhere to strengthening the main business of special cables; Second, with the help of the capital market, we should drive industrial integration with industrial investment and mergers and acquisitions, extend the industrial chain of the main cable industry vertically and horizontally, transform and upgrade to the high-end manufacturing field, and promote the continuous enhancement of the comprehensive strength of listed companies

by October 8, sunway has signed a capital increase agreement with the existing shareholders of Nanjing Aige Huiyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. after the capital increase, star cable will hold 38% of the shares of Aige Huiyuan, and has taken the first step of industrial investment since its listing. On October 23, sunway and Shenyang Ike Cable Technology Co., Ltd. formally signed a joint venture agreement to jointly invest in the establishment of the joint venture Sichuan Sunway Ike Cable Co., Ltd. the listed company accounts for 51% of the equity of the joint venture. The two sides will start cooperation on the mineral insulated cable project

Sunway shares is well aware that after more than 20 years of development and several rounds of reshuffle, especially the huge impact of supply side reform, a new situation of industrial agglomeration and capital concentration has basically taken shape. The market space is large enough, but the intensified competition and industry reshuffle will certainly promote a new round of industrial cooperation, mergers and acquisitions. Relying on the advantageous resources of the capital market, Shangwei shares will take the lead in the industry reshuffle

"Whoever has a big instrument will have a great voice, and whoever has a high ambition will have a long mind." Facing the future, Shangwei shares, Li Guangsheng is casting the international brand of this cable enterprise in Western China with foresight. At the annual meeting of the enterprise, he clearly requested that we should look at the future with a vision of five to ten years or even longer, and have a global vision and pattern to build the core competitiveness and vitality of the enterprise

in 2018, sunway Co., Ltd. ranked 16th in the machinery industry of Sichuan Province, and won the national high-tech enterprise, national innovative pilot enterprise, national contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, national AAAA standardized good behavior enterprise, etc. While developing rapidly, the company actively undertakes the society, and has donated a total of more than 60 million yuan in targeted poverty alleviation, earthquake relief, poverty alleviation and student assistance, assistance to the elderly with five guarantees, and adoption of giant pandas. It has won the "China Charity Award. The most caring charity model", "the most socially listed company" and other honors

in order to achieve the strategic goal of brand upgrading, sunway said it would take three steps in the future: the first step is to fully complete the "collectivization" construction of "one headquarters, two companies and eight centers" and the "intelligent" transformation and upgrading of equipment in Sichuan Anhui base in 2019. The second step is to complete the capacity expansion construction of the three major production bases at the same time with the construction of Leshan "headquarters economy" in 2020, achieve the well-off level of all staff income at the same time with the country, and return to the top 20 in China's cable industry. The third step is to fully complete the company's "lean, information and intelligent" construction in 2022, and its comprehensive strength will reach the leading level of China's cable industry

Shangwei shares promotes the brand upgrading of enterprises, which is to enable enterprises to establish a global vision and become a valuable and respected enterprise

in October this year, Shangwei Co., Ltd. completed brand upgrading and renaming, further expressing Shangwei people's pursuit of career, desire for vision and hope for the future. Their vision is to create a national manufacturing business card in the cable industry

"Shang" represents the entrepreneurial team's persistent pursuit of career; The word "Wei" expresses "longitude and latitude", with international vision and line meaning, which is in line with the main business of the cable industry and the future globalization strategy of the company

it can be said that "thinking of the world, long-term development, and expanding global vision" is a belief that Chairman Li Guangsheng brought to Sunway. Since the country put forward the "the Belt and Road" initiative, Li Guangsheng has led the management team to actively participate in a series of overseas investigation activities of the Ministry of Commerce, and actively promote the brand of enterprises in the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions; Gradually, the company formulated the overseas marketing strategy of "going to sea by boat" according to the actual situation, and made significant progress by forming strategic partnership with central enterprises and state-owned enterprises such as Sinosteel and zhonggangwan, and jointly participating in the product support of international projects

by the first half of this year, it is still

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