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Super ID reader: Cognex DataMan 500

(Shanghai, May 12, 2011) Cognex (NASDAQ: CGNX) high performance fixed bar code reader DataMan 500 is now available for factory automation users. DataMan 500 is the first ID reader supported by Cognex VSOC patented vision chip. VSOC enables DataMan 500 to have excellent barcode reading performance and ease of use that cannot be achieved by other image-based or laser systems at present

vsoc has unstable friction, which brings us performance advantages that other code readers can't compete with at present, said Carl gerst, vice president and manager of Cognex industrial ID Business Department. DataMan 500 can read bar code twice as fast as other code readers, and it is easy to use and has good code reading. It can realize high-speed reading without being in the best position. A glance at this product will change your view of the bar code reader capability

dataman 500 provides 1dmax and 2dmax code reading technology as powerful and mature as other DataMan products, which can read the most difficult one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional matrix code with excellent reading rate. VSOC technology enables DataMan 500 to have unprecedented one-dimensional barcode reading speed (up to 90 decodes per second) and ultra fast image acquisition with automatic exposure (up to 1000 frames per second)

the 30tdataman 500 supported by VSOC has become a new usability standard with its non trigger and ultra-high frame rate. These features reduce overall installation costs and deployment time

in order to surpass the depth of field of other image-based barcode readers, DataMan 500 provides flexible optional lenses and field exchangeable lighting accessories. Optional lenses include C-mount or zoom liquid lenses, while lighting accessories include integrated LED lighting and high-power lighting accessories for high-performance reading

dataman 500 also supports Cognex connect communication functions, including ethernet/ip and PROFINET. DataMan 500 can be used by any connected terminal, which means that data can be transmitted to PLC or central network without any master PC. The protocol can also archive data files and images directly through FTP for future viewing and analysis

dataman 500 provides two models:

dataman 500 QL. High speed one-dimensional code reading in food, beverage, consumer goods, medicine, text processing and logistics industry applications

DataMan 500 X。 Combining all the advantages of DataMan QL coder with 2dmax technology, even the most difficult matrix code in automotive, aviation, electronics and medical equipment can be easily read

dataman 500 is now available. Please visit the use of closed-loop active control to watch the DataMan 500 operation video or sweep the way is to remove the dial glass for more information

about Cognex

Cognex is a global leader in visual inspection, guidance and industrial ID systems. Many companies all over the world have adopted Cognex vision system and ID code reader to improve their product quality, reduce production costs and track workpieces on the production line. Cognex products adopt innovative technology that has led the world for 25 years and can provide the highest accuracy, reliability and performance, which has been widely recognized by people. At present, there are more than 500000 Cognex systems installed worldwide, which can inspect billions of products every day, help manufacturers in various industries and departments separate defective workpieces, optimize production processes and implement comprehensive tracking plans. Cognex is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, and has offices all over the Americas, Japan, Europe and Asia. At present, Cognex China provides fast and professional services to customers in Greater China through a team of experts all over the country and a service network composed of more than 40 authorized partners to help manufacturers win in China. For more details, please visit the company website: or

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