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"Super box" environmental protection carton won the gold medal for foreign invention

release date: Source: China intellectual property information

recently, the fourth Istanbul International Invention Exhibition, hosted by the patent and Trademark Office of the Republic of Turkey and hosted by the Anatolian Invention Association of Turkey, was held in Istanbul, the capital of the Republic of Turkey, in 2025. More than 40 gold awards were awarded in this invention exhibition, accounting for 10% of the total number of projects. "Super box" and other patented invention products jointly developed by Guangdong Dongguan Xiangsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. and Beijing Sunshine science and Technology Research Institute for five years won the gold medal at this invention exhibition

"super box" environmental express carton may become a benchmark for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

it is reported that the patented invention products such as "super box" which won the gold medal this time were jointly developed by Dongguan Xiangsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. and Beijing Sunshine science and Technology Research Institute for five years. According to Cai Jianxiang, general manager of Dongguan Xiangsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. and co inventor of "super box" environmental express cartons, at present, the scale of the national express industry is developing rapidly, and the number of express packages is bound to follow the rapid development. According to the data of the State Post Office, the total number of express deliveries in China reached 50.7 billion in 2018, which is expected to reach 100billion in 2020 and 700billion in the next 10 years. At the same time, it will also cause huge consumption of plastic, paper and other raw materials, and also form a potential huge source of pollution, which poses a severe challenge to ecological environmental protection

in this regard, caijianxiang said that the "super box" environmental protection express box is a multi-functional environmental protection express box, which adopts the "U" box design and corrugated design technology, and uses special environmental protection raw materials. On the basis of saving 30% of raw materials than ordinary environmental protection express boxes, it improves the compression efficiency by more than 50%, and realizes the functions of environmental protection, saving, six side compression resistance, safety and efficiency. It is understood that the "super box" environmental express carton has been authorized 35 patents, and four PCT international patent applications have been submitted

insiders said that the current express packaging is mostly composed of plastic and ordinary cartons, which are not environmentally friendly, have poor experience and low packaging safety; Ordinary cartons also have many problems, such as plastic tape is difficult to recycle, inefficient and inconvenient, insufficient compression resistance, and so on. This time, the newly developed "super box" environmental protection express carton specifically solves many disadvantages of the existing express packaging, such as a large number of misuse of polluting plastics and tape, poor compression resistance, sloppy image, poor user experience and so on. As a patented product, while changing the format of the express packaging industry, the "super box" may also become a benchmark case for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

all the participating projects of China's eight projects won awards

it is reported that they came from Turkey, China, the United Kingdom, and Russia to measure in selected countries such as Slovakia, Portugal, Croatia, Iran, Serbia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Romania, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) More than 400 projects from about 30 countries and international organizations, including the International Federation of inventors' associations (IFIA), participated in the International Invention Exhibition

the delegation of China Invention Association participated in the exhibition with 8 projects, and won 5 gold awards, 2 silver awards and 1 bronze award with a 5-star service standard. It is reported that the delegation of the China Inventors Association participating in the exhibition was led by xuanzengpei, Deputy Secretary General of the association. It is understood that deputy secretary general Xuan ZengPei once served as the director of the Asia Pacific Economic Department of the United Nations, the director of the Foreign Publicity Department of the Ministry of science and technology, the director of the Department of international cooperation of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and the professor of the University of science and technology of China. He is a famous expert in material science. In addition, the participating countries also set up special awards/certificates. After strict selection by relevant experts of the country, the above-mentioned participating projects of the China Invention Association also won the certificates of "best innovation" and "outstanding innovation" issued by the British delegation, as well as the "special honor award" and certificate issued by the Portuguese delegation

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