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The super high-speed railway was tested in early 2016, and the magnetic levitation concept received attention

the super high-speed railway was tested in early 2016

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as one of the two companies that are developing super high-speed railway projects, hyperloop technologies recently announced that it will test the propulsion system in North Las Vegas next month, marking a step closer to the final implementation of this technology. The company predicts that it will only take two seconds for the "high-speed rail" to accelerate from a standstill to 336 miles per hour (about 541 kilometers per hour)

according to the securities times, citing Sina Technology on December 11, in 2013, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced his crazy dream of hyper loop through Twitter, planning to build a vehicle faster than an airplane, which is a combination of supersonic aircraft, railguns and air hockey tables. As one of the two start-ups committed to realizing Musk's dream, hyperloop Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced that it had purchased 50 acres of land near Los Angeles to create the first test track for the propulsion system. The company has achieved capital, so plastic granulation is an industry source that will never be eliminated. Tongxiang said that the track plan will be completed in the first quarter of 2016, and the track test will be carried out next summer

the super high-speed rail project will transfer the manned or cargo transport warehouses at a very high speed through a low-pressure pipeline. Musk elaborated his idea through a 57 page white paper in 2013. Musk said that he was committed to developing Tesla Motors, which is proportional to the bending moment and inversely proportional to the section modulus, and had no time to consider the manufacture of "super loop", but he expected that once it was implemented, it would be completed in. Super high-speed rail is not only cheaper to build, but also safer. In addition, it will not be affected by weather conditions. Musk predicts that super high-speed rail will become the main rail transit vehicle of the next generation

according to market speculation, the current feasible plan for a train that can reach a speed of nearly 1000 kilometers per hour is the vacuum magnetic levitation train. The vacuum magnetic levitation train is the fastest means of transportation in the world, and there has been a definite conclusion about this in science. This kind of train runs in a closed vacuum pipe, which is not affected by air resistance, friction and weather. The cost of passenger dedicated railway is lower than that of ordinary railway, and its speed can reach km/h, which is several times higher than that of aircraft. Once successfully developed, this vehicle may become the fastest vehicle for mankind in the 21st century, which will completely overturn the field of human transportation

in the secondary market, the concept of super high-speed rail once set off a scientific and technological upsurge in a shares. The analysis points out that companies with early experience in magnetic levitation trains such as Zhongke electric deserve special attention. In addition, the magnetic levitation technology mainly uses rare earth permanent magnet materials, so Zhongke Third Ring Road, Jiangfen magnetic materials, Zhenghai magnetic materials and other varieties can also be tracked continuously


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