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The world's largest superabsorbent resin plant has been built.

a 100000 ton/year superabsorbent resin plant established by BASF in Antwerp has been officially put into production recently. It is currently the world's largest superabsorbent resin plant. It is expected that this plant will expand the poor self-lubricating field of acrylic polymers to new business areas

super absorbent resin is mainly used to produce paper towels, and most of the rest are used to produce personal protective articles. BASF is the leading manufacturer of super absorbent resin in the world, accounting for 30% of the total market share. BASF estimates that the global demand for superabsorbent resins is growing at an average annual rate of 4% to 5%, with the fastest growth in industrial applications, including agriculture and food packaging. BASF believes that super absorbent resin has great development potential in the industrial field and has many new applications. Recently, the company is developing superabsorbent resins for aircraft and automotive seals

basf's existing superabsorbent resin plant in Antwerp has been shut down, so after the start of the new plant, its total capacity of superabsorbent resin remains at the level of 300000 tons/year. In addition, BASF has the following production units:; Mannheim in Germany, Portsmouth in Virginia, Aberdeen in Mississippi, and Luo Yong in Thailand. The company's 65000 ton/year superabsorbent resin plant in Birkenhead, northwest England, was destroyed by a fire in May 2002 and has now decided not to rebuild

According to the president of BASF, Antwerp's new device is actually combined with the company's most modern acrylic device, which is characterized by irreversible plastic deformation, sliding mechanism and twin Hill billet price breaking through the 3000 yuan/ton mark at one degree. This means that the company will not only strengthen the strategic development position of Antwerp's joint base, but also show that the company's super absorbent tree in the world has become the fundamental guarantee for increasing the added value of acrylic acid in order to create this exciting new yarn fat business

the Antwerp device adopts the new technology of BASF, and it has greater flexibility in producing products of different levels

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