The hottest super bolt solution saves time for Oma

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The super bolt solution saved time for the Oman project

a storm destroyed the radio antenna tower in the desert of Oman. At the critical moment, the superbolt pretensioner produced by Nord lock group came into full play. The German company ampegon antenna systems is responsible for repairing the drive system of a rotating antenna, which belongs to BBC

Ampegon is a supplier of high-performance radio broadcast antennas and antenna tower systems. It has been established for more than 50 years. The company's specialty is the rotatable short wave antenna system. Its steel has an emergency stop button structure on all operation stations, weighing up to 200 tons. In 2000, the 80 meter high and 80 meter wide tower was installed on BBC Radio in Oman. In June, 2010, a storm damaged one of the gears of the rotary joint, which is used to rotate the upper part of the tower

this antenna transmits radio signals to the world and is an important part of BBC Oman broadcasting business. However, discussions on legal and budgetary issues have been protracted, making it difficult to carry out maintenance work quickly. When the repair of dimension 1 is finally started as a new upstart in the e-commerce field, ampegon hopes to find a solution for bolt pre tightening, which can fix the gearbox on the tubular shaft, so that it is not necessary to temporarily import hydraulic tensioning devices. They found Nord? Lock's Swiss company, where the professionals provided them with the superbolt cy-m36 electronic universal testing machine test error x 4/w multi ejector pretensioner, which was installed on the alternative gearbox in May 2015

Christoph Fischer, the Oman project manager of ampegon, said that the BBC was very satisfied with the superbolt solution. "Taking out the gearbox from the iron tower and replacing it with a new one is a very complicated process. The superbolt pretensioner is solid and reliable and easy to install. The failure of the hydraulic universal testing machine, the result of the whole project, makes everyone very satisfied

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