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Superhydrophobic coating makes Nokia devices waterproof

Conor Pierce, vice president of Nokia Western Europe, publicly said that the new superhydrophobic technology released by the company after cleaning will be applied to future Nokia devices. Although we don't know when it will be really applied to devices, we are still happy to know that our devices can be more durable in the future

when explaining how this technology works, Pierce said: "What happens when water drops drop on the lotus leaf? The experimental force that the fixture can bear is a very important indicator of the fixture. This problem has puzzled scientists for several generations. But our team in Cambridge, UK, has found a solution. Nanotechnology can enable us to do this. Super hydrophobic technology with a good human-machine interface can make water drops rebound and stop, so that it cannot penetrate into the interior of the equipment, so that Like the incompatibility between lotus leaves and water, this is a very magical thing, and it is also the technology we will apply to the equipment. "

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