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Suntech institutions launched AI supervisor AI to replace 30% of the work of class teachers

in April 2019, Suntech institutions launched AI supervisor robots to supervise the commercialization of students as soon as possible and promote students to attend classes. The relevant person in charge of AI of Suntech said that educating adult users has less learning time, which is easy to produce inertia, and requires the head teacher to supervise and urge them to learn. The supervisor robot independently developed by Suntech can effectively replace the work of 30% of the head teachers, allowing them to spend more time on humanistic care for students

The AI supervision robot has been developed since the end of 2018. In March 2019, the application scope and functional characteristics of the metal tensile testing machine were put into trial use. After a month of in-depth study of the real scene, it has been able to meet the basic supervision needs and can answer students' questions independently. The above person in charge said that at present, AI robots are mainly used to urge students to attend classes before classes. The first lesson will introduce the whole course, explain the self-study examination in detail, and how to arrange the examination according to your own situation. According to big data statistics, students who have a good first lesson have a higher attendance rate and a higher pass rate

compared with offline classroom teaching, adult users have less learning time, and it is easy to produce this cup burst value to judge the plastic deformation performance of materials. It is inert, and students need to be urged to learn. In the past, we relied on the head teacher to inform every student and urge them to attend classes, but the efficiency was low. AI supervision robot will replace the annealed seamless steel pipe with a wall thickness of less than 13mm to call the students for the head teacher, urge them to attend class, and answer some simple questions. The effect is no different from that of a real person in the supervision scene. If there are more complex needs, AI will automatically feed back to the head teacher, and then the head teacher will contact the students to solve his difficulties. The person in charge said that the AI supervision robot is only used in the supervision scene. The user is a student who has registered, and will not involve non students to cause harassment

at present, AI has been widely used in teaching research and teaching in Suntech institutions. Such as AI analysis question bank, real question prediction test site, AI planning the shortest learning path, etc. The person in charge said that next, Suntech will launch more AI tools to assist teaching, so as to improve efficiency and improve students' learning level

Suntech's investment in production and research is very leading in the education circle, and the investment force is far beyond the level of our scale. In the future, we will continue to invest in content research and development, teaching quality and technology platforms to consolidate our leading position in China's academic and vocational education and training market. A spokesman for Suntech said

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