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Super dry goods combed! The second day of the Yangtze River Delta cardboard and carton enterprise development forum is a full record

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on March 30, 2021, the Yangtze River Delta cardboard and carton enterprise development forum entered its second day, and a large number of colleagues from the industry gathered at Zhejiang Pinghu St. Lake Hotel. In everyone's expectation, the agenda of "meeting the new normal, exploring new opportunities, and innovating for the future" kicked off. This is not only a top academic exchange platform in the industry, but also a grand gathering for communication

the conference was jointly organized by the paper products packaging Committee of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association and Reed Exhibitions group. With the special support of Zhejiang Jingxing paper industry and Guangdong Taiyi Seiko, it brought together nearly 300 cardboard and carton enterprises, more than 400 guests and nearly 50 equipment enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta

next, Xiao wa will bring you the wonderful record of the second day

welcome to the new normal

clearing the import quota of waste paper is bound to bring about an increase in the price of raw materials. 4 Elastic deformation: after removing the load, the rising price of waste paper also supports the price of base paper from the raw material side... Which will cause deep changes in the industry

"no waste era", how can cardboard and carton enterprises cope with raw material price fluctuations? Experts from the three parties expressed their opinions on this topic, presenting a feast of ideological exchange in different dimensions for colleagues in the industry

paper industry: on the charm of concentration

Changjiang Securities Xu Haoliang

the market of paper industry is dominated by integration. In terms of industry concentration, wood pulp paper products have higher concentration and faster concentration speed, and the cost advantage of wood pulp is more obvious

for the two types of paper leading enterprises, the profit per ton of wood pulp solar paper is about 300 higher than the industry average; The profit per ton of waste paper of Shanying paper industry is about higher than the industry average

generally, high-value paper products have a larger transportation radius, and the scale effect of the production base will be more obvious. Raw materials account for more than 80% of wood pulp and waste paper products. Therefore, promoting the layout of raw materials can enable the papermaking leader to achieve greater cost advantages and stabilize the fluctuation of profit cycle

from this point of view, the wood pulp system is easy to layout, while the waste paper system is relatively difficult

at present, the head effect of the paper industry is obvious, and all kinds of paper products tend to be concentrated. Leading paper enterprises will further accelerate the process of industrial chain integration, improve the national capacity layout, and drive the overall efficiency improvement through technological upgrading

changes and prospects of the paper industry in the era of no external waste

Longzhong information guoyaping

in the past five years, the total capacity of waste paper packaging paper products has shown a continuous growth trend, the compound growth rate of box board and corrugated paper capacity has reached about 3.4%, and only the white board capacity has shown a downward trend

although the capacity of waste paper packaging paper continues to grow, the total output shows a downward trend year by year. The compound growth rate of box board and corrugated paper output is between -1.2% and -1.7%, and the compound growth rate of white board output is -5.05%

however, the production capacity and output growth of waste paper packaging paper are inconsistent, which directly reflects the continuous decline of the industry operating rate and the decline of consumption. In particular, the operating rate of box board paper and corrugated paper has decreased by 15%-16% in the past five years. This directly affects the main business income of production enterprises

the rising cost of raw material waste paper caused by the ban on foreign waste will further reduce the profits of production enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises producing corrugated paper and recycled box board, which will survive in the cracks

in the process of annual use, the speed of withdrawing or eliminating enterprises will be accelerated, and the industry concentration will be significantly improved

under the great reform, data-driven industrial upgrading

[carton theory] the lead writer, teacher pan ronghua

the current market trend is summarized in eight words - up more, down less, high consolidation

the current manufacturing trend is described in nine words - digitalization, intelligence and personalization

the current industrial pattern presents three "changes" - collectivization, integration and polarization

under the overall reform of the industry, it is very important and necessary to collect, analyze, archive and trace the source, summarize a series of data such as production data, market data, financial data and logistics data, and then reverse guide production, enable the industry, and optimize and adjust the enterprise

with the increasing industrial concentration, some small and medium-sized enterprises will transform through appropriate ways or withdraw from the market, and the status of leading enterprises will become more and more stable; Guided by the consumption upgrading trend, the downstream customers of the packaging industry are also increasing their requirements for packaging, and the high-end trend is gradually emerging... Then, with the increasing concentration of the industry, how can cardboard and carton enterprises adapt to the transformation and upgrading of the times

how to build an intelligent factory for printing and packaging

Zhang Wenyi, general manager of the packaging business department of Zhejiang Dihao Technology Co., Ltd.

smart factory can not be simply defined as an unmanned factory, which includes the whole plant informatization, digitization, automation, IOT/interconnection. The types of intelligent factories in the packaging industry are divided into logistics systems, paper feeders, stackers, etc

the construction of intelligent factories in the packaging industry must not be blindly. It is very important to choose the right place, equipment, software, etc

how does ERP help enterprises build smart factories

Wang zongyou, general manager of Shenzhen Bostone computer technology development Co., Ltd.

the printing and packaging industry, as an industry that focuses on production, ignores research and development, and has low gross profit, customers place orders more frequently, order production is constantly adjusted, the types of materials are more and more, and the process demand is more and more complex and changeable. This requires enterprises to have strong competitiveness in price and delivery time, reduce costs and increase efficiency, We must improve the lean production of enterprises

with the increasingly high requirements of "made in China 2025" for digitalization, intelligence, interconnection, green and sustainable enterprises, it has become a "compulsory course" for modern enterprises to drive the intelligent process with information and build an intelligent factory in the printing and packaging industry

ground logistics, three-dimensional warehouses, etc. escort the transformation and upgrading of paperboard and carton enterprises to automation and intelligence

Pan Liang Changsha Changtai Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

the paperboard and carton packaging industry, as a traditional manufacturing industry, has an increasing demand for "reducing people, increasing efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction". Enterprises urgently need the management mode of automation, intelligence, digitization and informatization, and the automatic connection between various production links, Then intelligent logistics and three-dimensional warehouse came into being

intelligent logistics is the foundation of building an intelligent factory, the core of building an intelligent factory, the link of the whole production chain such as suppliers, customers, manufacturers, freight logistics, and also the link between production links and processes

through internal logistics intelligent equipment such as ground logistics and three-dimensional warehouses, it is an effective way for paperboard and carton enterprises to transform and upgrade to automation and intelligence

"based on what you see", connect the future from inside to outside

Li Shanshan, general manager of Tianjin yongliqi Paper Machinery Co., Ltd.

has entered the era of industry 4.0, and intelligence is becoming a new driving force for the development of corrugated printing and packaging industry. Only by combining various printing technology processes with intelligent technology, can printing and packaging enterprises create new packaging that meets the needs of users, and seize a new highland of printing and packaging manufacturing technology and efficiency with the help of the differences with peers in intellectualization

explore new opportunities

in recent years, digital printing technology has developed rapidly. Many cardboard and carton enterprises have introduced digital printing machines as a supplement or main force to traditional printing

it is also an inevitable trend for the development of modern enterprises to build data governance system, process system, information system and decision analysis system to support enterprise management, initially form a big data platform, carry out big data analysis, and realize fine management and further intelligent management

it can be seen that the upgrading and transformation of enterprise digital and lean management is imperative. So, in the face of new opportunities, what are the experiences that cardboard and carton enterprises can learn from? Let's have a look

"Seiko intelligent manufacturing, cost reduction and efficiency increase" -- EVA's exquisite color box solution

Liu Shuai, product director of Tianjin EVA Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Tianjin EVA, 25 years of trials and tribulations, complies with the new changes of the times, and is committed to becoming a world-class leader and comprehensive service provider in the ecosystem of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. With high-end equipment manufacturing as the core, it will dig vertically and give full play to the highly synergistic role of the industrial chain, Consolidate the strength of intelligent manufacturing; At the same time, it expands horizontally, empowers customers in the printing industry and value-added industries through intelligent manufacturing, high-quality services and other advantages

cutting edge grab "fresh" look -- digital printing rising under the new packaging

Li Zhen, marketing manager of Hanhong group

many paper packaging customers have reported that at present, corrugated packaging orders show a new trend of scattered orders, short orders, but highly personalized and customized. The outstanding demand is that there are more and more types of products, but the print volume of single products is getting smaller and smaller, and the order volume is generally dozens to hundreds

in the processing of zero odd orders, the effective power on rate of traditional watermark equipment is less than 20%, while the effective power on rate of digital machine is close to 70%

at present, digital printing is very suitable. Its performance exceeds that of general radiation resistant material polystyrene. Enterprises develop and expand small orders and short orders, which is not only fast, but also high quality. For carton enterprises, it is worth thinking about how to use digital printing technology to change the service mode, enhance their own value, empower paperboard processing, and transform from a production enterprise to a comprehensive service provider

DS Smith analyzes the thinking and exploration of European carton packaging enterprises

General Manager of China procurement center of Zhang Yifan DESMA (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

as the second largest corrugated box manufacturer in Europe, DS Smith entered the Chinese market and set up "DESMA (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. in Shanghai in 2016

in recent years, DESMA is growing steadily, paying more attention to automation, technology and efficiency. In the field of e-commerce and retail, we will focus on "the evolution of the last mile of delivery", focus on customer experience, and develop multi-channel and sustainable green packaging

redefine packaging to adapt to the changing world

digital empowering paperboard enterprises to reduce costs and improve efficiency

Li Lintong, CEO of dongjingyi

at present, the paper packaging industry has ushered in an unprecedented situation, which is superimposed by three factors

first of all, Internet has impacted traditional industries, and the paper packaging industry is facing a choice of fate

secondly, the epidemic has seriously affected the macroeconomic environment at home and abroad, and the contradiction between supply and demand in the paper packaging industry has intensified

third, under the background of "supply side reform", the deep-rooted old problems in the paper packaging industry are more prominent - due to insufficient orders, more advanced equipment put into production grabs orders, resulting in overcapacity - seriously falling into a dead cycle

top grade big box expert, the solution to big box business

Li Jianhong, chairman of Shanghai top grade Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

in today's carton market, large-scale automation equipment is relatively difficult to find, but this fault type demand has always existed. Top grade big box connoisseurs, it is in the strong demand of the vast number of end users to promote and help, this will make the number of measurements

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