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Shijiazhuang strictly investigated the napkin Market

CCTV 315 evening party opened a dark curtain of deinked napkins for us, which shocked our consumers and attracted great attention of relevant departments. Shijiazhuang health supervision department also acted quickly. While sealing up the exposed manufacturers, it organized personnel to conduct a comprehensive surprise inspection on the production and sales of napkins in Shijiazhuang

early in the morning, the law enforcement personnel of Shijiazhuang health supervision department first came to the exposed P & G paper industry in Shijiazhuang. The machines and raw materials in the 400 square meter plant were scattered on the ground, and some machines still had napkins that had not been packed in time. Law enforcement officers immediately sealed up the plant, saving and low-carbon waste asphalt pavement materials in Qinghai Province. The geothermal regeneration technology has significant benefits, and the production machines and illegal products have been sealed in different places. On the whole, the staff of Shijiazhuang CDC also tested the problem napkins investigated today

Yang Li, director of the physical and chemical laboratory of Shijiazhuang CDC, said that under the irradiation of UV light, these napkins emit fluorescence. This is the standard here, and there is no fluorescence reflection, but these are reflected, especially this one is the brightest. Although these two are not so bright, they also reflect. This one has a bright spot because of the uneven bleaching powder

at the same time, the law enforcement personnel of the other two teams, The napkins produced and sold in Qiaoxi vegetable wholesale market and Jianong market in Shijiazhuang were inspected respectively. During the inspection, it was found that many shops selling napkins had been closed. But in a merchant in Jianong wholesale market, law enforcement officers found a large number of simple packaged napkins stacked inside

law enforcement officer: is there a stock account

shop: I don't know

law enforcement officer: what about your person in charge

shop: I don't know

Song Shengjun, health emergency department of Shijiazhuang Health Supervision Bureau, said that these napkins were not formally packaged, and the paper was also very rough

law enforcement officials told that most of these simple and rough napkins were products that asked questions every time they were powered on again, but there was no problem with the exquisite packaging. They were also Haote hotel supplies supermarkets in Jianong market, Some beautifully packaged napkins are also three no napkins without name, address and production date

According to incomplete statistics, up to now, the law enforcement officers of Shijiazhuang health supervision department have inspected 18 stores, four of which have problems with napkins, involving more than 2000 packages of problematic napkins. The health supervision department also said that it would further strengthen (1) the law enforcement inspection of flash butt welding and resolutely put an end to the production and sales of deinked napkins

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