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The shield machine has been "sleeping" under the kaifusi station of Xiangjiang tunnel for a year

the shield machine has been "sleeping" under the kaifusi station of Xiangjiang tunnel for a year

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on October 16, the 3-layer and 5-layer film of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan intercity constructed by China Railway Tunnel Group has become a standard 200 PVC door and window reinforced steel quasi product. The south line of the section between kaifusi station of Xiangjiang tunnel and Binjiang Xincheng Station has been successfully completed, The long lost large-diameter earth pressure balance shield machine "Chengtie I" finally broke through the earth 34 meters underground at Changsha kaifushi station. Before that, this shield machine with hundreds of millions of Yuan had been "sleeping" in the tunnel section under Kaifu temple for a year

insiders said that it was rare for the shield machine to remain in place for a whole year after the project was started. Qu Jinping's scientific research team has carried out research on polymer processing technology based on tensile rheology. Insiders revealed that there are several reasons for this situation. First, the timing of the opening of intercity railway is adjusted. The opening of the south of Changsha railway station is first, and the opening of the north of Changsha Railway station is later; Another more important reason is that after crossing the Xiangjiang River, the shield machine can only be lifted out of kaifushi station, and it is impossible to return the same way. However, due to the delay of demolition of kaifushi station, which is similar to TPV, the lifting shaft was not built, and the shield machine can only rest in place

another young technician said that a shield machine like "Chengtie I" that stopped under Kaifu temple was not a shield machine. "Chengtie I" is a shield machine on the south line of Chengtie, and the shield machine on the north line, which is about 10 meters away, is also stopped underground. After "Chengtie I" is disassembled, moved away and assembled in the South Lake market of Sanxiang, another shield machine worth more than 100 million yuan will be hoisted out for assembly

experts from China railway tunnel group revealed that the double track length of the Xiangjiang tunnel entrance kaifushi station section, which is about to start construction, is 4303 meters. "Chengtie I" will cross the Nanhu market from the entrance beside Liuyuan Road, and drive along the shield section of the intercity railway to kaifusi station. It is expected to arrive at kaifusi station in two years

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