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Shijiazhuang security event North China industrial control innovative products attracted attention

on March 3, 2008, Hebei International Social Public Security Products Expo was grandly opened in Shijiazhuang. North China industrial control group Co., Ltd. brought industrial CPU card system, 3.5 "/5.25" industrial motherboard series, network security dedicated motherboard, POS motherboard, industrial PC series, integrated workstation, digital library, network security standard system, industrial chassis, embedded standard system and the latest developed products to the grand event, becoming one of the most eye-catching enterprises in the security conference

in the past two decades of development, North China industrial control has always attached importance to independent innovation and R & D capabilities, continuously increased capital investment in technology research and development, and vigorously promoted more than 30 new products every year, showing the style of a leading enterprise in special computers. Among the new products on display in this exhibition, the digital library ds520 and norco-890ag are of particular concern

ns-520 solutions for home digital applications have become a hot topic of discussion among users at the exhibition. Ns-520 is equipped with Microsoft's latest server software windowshomeserver, which can automatically monitor the health of PCs on the network, regularly and automatically back up PC systems and data. The snapshot function of shared directory makes it easy for users to recover the data of previous versions, making it very easy to recover the whole PC system or individual files. As a network storage server, ns-520 has unique advantages in large hard disk compatibility. It can install five sataii hard disks with a single hard disk capacity of 750g at the same time, and supports hot plug and raid0/1/5/10 functions. Four USB2.0 interfaces and three extended eSATA interfaces are provided on the back. The large storage space is equipped with windowshomeserver's unique encryption and compression algorithm, which makes the ns-520 provide a more wonderful digital experience for home users:

Application: automatic backup of PC system and data; Centralized storage and sharing; Remote access to any PC at home through the Internet; The operation interface is very simple and easy to use

2. Digital application: store digital photos, music and videos in a centralized way, and playback them in a variety of peripherals (such as TV, digital picture frame, digital audio, etc.), and share them with family and friends through the Internet

3. Peripheral expansion: connect game consoles, set-top boxes, digital multimedia players, digital video recorders, etc; It is very convenient to expand storage capacity

norco-890 adopts celeromd, Pentium4, and pentiumd processors encapsulated in Intel LGA775, and supports a new generation of metal samples to produce a full-length CPU card with metal oxide bus pciexpress technology in the process of stopping drawing. Beiqiao chip is intel945g (lakeport-g), supports 533/800/1066mhz front-end bus, and supports Intel HT (hyper threading) technology; With Nanqiao intelich7r, it supports raid0/1/5 storage technology. DMI interface is used between the north and South bridges, and the bandwidth is up to 2gb/s, which greatly improves the i/o throughput. The two 240 pinddr2 memory modules can support the maximum memory capacity of 2GB and ddr400/both belong to small experimental equipment 533/667, and the bandwidth can reach 10.7gb/s in dual channel mode

norco-890 North Bridge 945G integrated display controller (intelgma950) can greatly improve the display performance of graphics and provide more comprehensive and rich colors and clarity. The motherboard adopts Realtek's rtl8111b chip, which is connected to Nanqiao through pciexpress interface, and supports 1 Gigabit card. In addition, this full-length card also provides 1 IDE interface, 1 floppy drive interface, 2 COM ports, 4 SATA interfaces (up to 300mb/s transmission rate), 4 USB2.0 interfaces, a ps/2 keyboard and ps/2 mouse interface. It supports mic in/line in/speaker out through realtekalc655 sound card chip. Norco-890 also has a watchdog reset function, which supports system restart in 1 ~ 255 seconds

this CPU full-length card of North China industrial control has been rigorously tested. With its strong computing power, it will be as popular as the previous CPU card series products with "fast and stable". Various applications such as industrial and embedded computing (such as digital imaging devices, electronic game platforms, POS machines, video servers) can provide efficient and perfect solutions

in this exhibition, the booth of North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. is mainly blue and white, and the overall style is introverted but not publicized, which further reflects the working style of "North China people" who are diligent, pragmatic and silently dedicated. Through this security exhibition, North China Boston Scientific Industrial control not only showed the advantages of independent innovation, R & D and production to domestic and foreign peers, but also showed the enterprise style of "innovation, development, service and dedication" to our customers. "Relying on high and new technology, expediting national creation and changing social life", at present, the products of North China industrial control have been widely used in military industry, telecommunications, metallurgy, transportation, and they can use these standards to shut out China's raw materials, power, railway, aviation, communications, finance, network, medical treatment, security and other industries, serving all aspects of social life

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