The hottest ship market encounters overseas impact

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Recently, it was learned from the China Shipbuilding Industry Association that China's shipbuilding industry continued to maintain steady growth in the first three quarters of 2008, with rapid growth in shipbuilding completion, total industrial output, total realized profits, and ship exports

since January 2008, when discussing the problems of industry standards, compliance information, technology and product quality, many enterprises have been worried about the decline of new orders due to the financial crisis. Some experts believe that the new ship orders received were 57.77 million deadweight tons, down 11% year-on-year, indicating that the downward trend of the shipping and shipbuilding market has basically emerged

the association predicts that the ship price may decline to a certain extent in 2009, some shipbuilding enterprises will have overcapacity, and the competition among enterprises will become increasingly fierce

increased risk

according to the analysis of China Shipbuilding Industry Association, China's shipbuilding product structure is not balanced, the proportion of bulk carriers is high, and the proportion of oil tankers and container ships is low. Due to the booming bulk carrier market in the past two years, most of the new ship orders undertaken by Chinese shipping enterprises are bulk carriers, and the proportion of small and medium-sized ships is high, while the proportion of large ship orders is low, which has good deformation recovery performance, which is not conducive to shipping enterprises to resist market risks

in addition, the association also believes that with the continuous prosperity of the ship market, a large number of new shipbuilding enterprises have emerged. Some of these enterprises' technological transformation and capital construction are about to be completed, and some will continue until 2009 or 2010. However, with the change of supply and demand in the ship market in 2008, overcapacity and falling ship prices are inevitable, and contradictions and problems in all aspects will be increasingly exposed. This will be a severe test for newly-built shipbuilding enterprises that have not formed production capacity for a long time, do not have rich shipbuilding experience, lack a market development platform, and have limited capital and technical strength

the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States has evolved into a global financial crisis. Financial institutions mainly engaged in ship financing and credit have improved their risk awareness of ship credit financing. Therefore, the financing difficulty of ship owners has increased significantly, and some banks have listed the shipbuilding industry as a high-risk industry. According to some ship enterprises, financial institutions have raised the loan interest rate of ship financing, strengthened the review of ship financing projects and payment guarantees, and made it more difficult for ship enterprises to obtain payment guarantees from financial institutions, providing a better solution to the rapidly changing global demand for food packaging

be cautious

in order to cope with the decline of the ship market and reduce risks, various ship enterprises have also adopted different strategies. A relevant person of the enterprise said that the enterprise adjusted the production configuration, gave priority to the construction of high-priced ships, and handed over the high-priced ships as soon as possible to avoid delaying the delivery of ships due to quality problems

it is understood that some enterprises adjust the market structure and undertake more orders for offshore engineering equipment and domestic and Southeast Asian shipowners. At the same time, we will increase the collection of prepayments from ship owners, shrink the investment scale of infrastructure and technological transformation, establish new financing channels, and increase the data analysis to become 10 points easier, simplifying the liquidity loan, so that enterprises can maintain sufficient cash flow. In addition, closely track the credit status of ship owners, and try to postpone the commencement of orders from ship owners with poor reputation

policy support

China Shipbuilding Industry Association said that enterprises should actively face up to the financial crisis and reduce the impact on the shipbuilding industry to a controllable range as far as possible

it is suggested that the competent government departments should strengthen policy guidance and coordination. Joint shipping, ship inspection and other industries and departments actively formulate and timely issue relevant supporting policies to promote the introduction of regulations on the renewal of old ships and low-quality ships

at the same time, we should strengthen policy support for advantageous enterprises and guide the concentration of limited resources to advantageous enterprises. Encourage the merger and reorganization of enterprises with advanced technology, standardized management and abundant funds

the association also suggested that in the current special period of severe turbulence in the international market, state-owned policy banks should strengthen the research on the mortgage financing of ships under construction and the management mode of ship guarantee syndication, treat them differently, support the good and the strong, help enterprises tide over difficulties, ensure the safety of bank funds, and achieve a win-win situation

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