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The "Air Guard" of ship safety is an important waterway transportation communication service business of Changjiang Communication and navigation administration

the safety information broadcast center is located in Wuhan, Hubei Province. There are 42 base stations along the river, covering 2600 kilometers of the main stream of the Yangtze River, so its accuracy is very high

with the continuous improvement of listening rate, the containment effect of safety information broadcast on water traffic accidents in the Yangtze River is becoming increasingly obvious. From January to September this year, the number of accidents, collisions, deaths and shipwrecks decreased by 11.9%, 3.1%, 52.2% and 5.9% respectively year-on-year. The comprehensive index of safety situation was 71. The gradual improvement of the safety situation has contributed to the joint broadcasting of safety information. In October this year, the competent department of Yangtze River communications conducted a questionnaire sampling survey on 2000 ships. Ship owners generally believed that the safety information broadcast was very good, and the evaluation of ship navigation was as high as 97%. Many ship owners praised that the safety information network has woven a safety protection for us and is an air guard for ship safety

at present, there are about 120000 ships of all kinds on the Yangtze River, of which nearly 30000 are motor-driven ships, and more than 20000 are listening to the safety information broadcast, accounting for 68.3% of the total number of motor-driven ships. In addition, every year, more than 10000 foreign ships entering the river also listen to the safety information broadcast. According to statistics, the broadcasting center broadcast 7692 safety messages for 816688 minutes in 2000, 9050 messages for 960810 minutes in 2001, and 10374 messages for 829650 minutes from January to October this year. The number and quality of the joint broadcasts have increased year by year, which fully reflects the importance that the port and shipping departments attach to the joint broadcasting of safety messages

in order to improve the quality of network broadcasting, Changjiang Communication and Navigation Bureau attaches great importance to the network broadcasting work, and has invested a lot of manpower, material resources, funds and technology for this purpose. They squeezed out funds for the purchase of meteorological data and data along the river when funds were very tight and staff wages were not paid in place. According to the conditions of shipping points, multi line lengths and changeable flows, various meteorological parameters were reorganized and broadcast to ships, which solved the difficulty of organizing and holding video conferences for mobilization and deployment, and the weather forecast could not be heard in special navigation areas

in view of the complex terrain of the Chuanjiang River and the many blind spots of the network broadcasting, the bureau raised funds by itself to build eight new stations, such as Changshou, Fengdu, Yunyang, and the Three Gorges dam area, forming a chain network of the Chuanjiang River Network, filling the gap that the safety information cannot be heard in the above waters

the Yangtze River communication and navigation bureau has also cooperated with the Three Gorges navigation administration of the Yangtze River to open up the dam area network. Since November 1 this year, important announcements on the use of temporary ship locks in the Three Gorges dam area, the prohibition of ships carrying dangerous goods from passing the lock, the suspension of navigation in the diversion open channel, and the lower water level of the dam have been released through the safety information broadcast station, which has played a good role in understanding the navigation situation in the dam area in advance and alleviating the pressure of navigation in the dam area

while continuously improving the construction of network broadcasting hardware, the bureau also worked hard on software management, such as the collection of safety information, the collection of circuits, the relatively high cost of the product, broadcasting, and emergency circuit scheduling, which were formed into the "measures for the management of network broadcasting of Yangtze River navigation safety information", which was promulgated and implemented, making it on a standardized and institutionalized track

Not long ago, the Ministry of communications organized experts to review and approve the engineering scheme of "navigation safety information broadcasting and its speed regulation system are also divided into several situations: Ship Dynamic Monitoring System" prepared by the Bureau. After the implementation of the plan, in the future, Yangtze river ships can not only listen to the safety information broadcast by voice, but also realize screen display and text printing. Relevant safety information can also be queried at the information station

we believe that with the use of facilities with high scientific and technological content and high degree of digital processing, the Yangtze River safety information network will have a more positive impact on the safety management of Yangtze River shipping and the safety of ship navigation

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