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The daily salary of "welding handle" in the shipyard is 280, and the province of self provision of lunch is valuable time

Abstract: Welding consumes physical strength and a large amount of labor. Ship welding tests personal physical quality, especially in summer, sweating more! The human body needs a lot of water, and welders need a lot of water

among the masters who make a living in the shipyard, the one who can bear hardships and stand hard work is the "welding handle" major. Throughout the year, they face dozens to hundreds of degrees Celsius high temperature frying every day. Especially, China and Mongolia, as close neighbors, although their daily salary can be 30-40 yuan higher than that of other professional types of work, the hardships and labor intensity cannot be sustained by everyone

relevant units such as the Secretariat of the college laboratory construction guidance committee of the Ministry of education will organize and hold the 3rd national college laboratory work forum and the 2nd self-made teaching instruments and equipment achievement exhibition of colleges and universities during the exhibition. Excessive welding dust will lead to welder pneumoconiosis, manganese poisoning, fluorosis and metal smoke fever. Therefore, when welding in the cabin, it is necessary to wear qualified and effective protective equipment to ensure that the lungs of the body can resist stress and fatigue without injury

smoke and dust can cause welder pneumoconiosis, toxic gases can cause eye, nose and respiratory tract irritation, and serious cases can lead to tracheitis, pneumonia, etc. The harmful factors in the welding process and the health hazards to welders can be reduced or weakened as long as effective protective measures are taken. The picture shows a plumber prefabricating the welded junction of pipelines in the prefabrication workshop of the shipyard

strong ultraviolet rays during welding are harmful to human body, and even short-term contact will cause tears and great pain in eyes. Ultraviolet rays can also burn the skin, causing redness and itching. The experimental machine should have automatic alarm and shutdown devices, peeling, etc. Too long will cause cataract eye disease and serious blindness. Therefore, the teachers should wear masks, dust caps, earplugs and other labor protection equipment when working. Usually drink more sugar water to moisten your lungs, such as boiled eggs with rock sugar and snow fungus, and eat more food ingredients such as pig blood and duck blood

welding consumes physical strength and requires a lot of labor. Ship welding tests one's physical fitness more, especially in summer, when people sweat more! The human body needs a lot of water, and welders need a lot of water. You need at least 4 liters of boiled water a day to meet your body's needs

in the shipyard, some masters who can make a living bring their own lunch. The ingredients such as fried eggs with shredded carrots and fried agaric with diced meat cooked by themselves are placed in the insulated lunch box. They look colorful and fragrant. They are all good ingredients that clear the lungs and brighten the eyes. If they make them by themselves, they can not only eat at ease and taste moderate. The most important thing is not to walk back and forth for half an hour to buy meals at the gate of the shipyard

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