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Shijiazhuang Taiqun precision machine t-10l machine tool Y-axis outer protective cover after-sales service maintenance 0pygpcsz according to the running speed and guide rail, the protective cover structure we developed is also different. We are equipped with polyurethane or brass sliders when the running speed is below 10m/min. We are equipped with rollers under the medium speed of 30m/min. In addition, a buffer system is also needed between the drive plate, the chip scraping plate and the chip suction plate. The intention of the slider buffer system is to reduce bumps, noises and conflicts

Shijiazhuang Taiqun precision machine t-10l machine tool Y-axis external protective housing after-sales service maintenance

advantages of the shield device: 1. Each shield can be started and operated continuously, which is completely different from the general shield pulling one by one, so the noise is extremely low. 2. Using the shield of the device can increase the service life. 3. The steel plate protective cover device can increase the moving speed of the cover to 120m/min and bear a higher g value (2G). 4. The steel plate shield device makes the shield move in parallel (avoiding the disadvantage that the general shear shield still has a snake). 5. When high-speed structural health monitoring (SHM) and self-healing materials are the main applications of smart composites in the aerospace industry, they can be more stable without vibration

Shijiazhuang Taiqun precision machine t-10l machine tool Y-axis external protective cover after-sales service maintenance

steel plate protective cover is suitable for most application industries, with a width of 900mm. When the width is large, it must be folded to improve horizontal stability. This can be achieved by ridge type and folding. In addition, the inclined type can make the liquid and debris flow away excellently. The steel plate protective cover plays an effective role in preventing the entry of chips and other sharp objects. YXZ three-axis steel plate protective cover of Guangzhou Taiwan Weili 1480 machining center. There are many kinds of protective covers in postal machine tools nationwide, mainly including organ protective cover and steel plate protective cover, which are mainly used on machine tool guide rails; It is easy to rust soon after use. The driving reason of professional skills is that the technology of stainless steel plate protective cover is backward, and the data is inaccurate during measurement; Some relatively small enterprises, due to the backward technology, in the process of on-site surveying and mapping, due to various reasons, the data measurement is inaccurate, and the products made are needless to say inferior products; There are many other reasons for carrying out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology transformation, but as long as the meeting points out that intentional and good technology can be avoided, the technology of 20 years is trustworthy, and what we do is quality and conscience

2) if the minimum shrinkage of the protective cover lmin and the number of protective covers n are known, then the shrinkage of the first part first and the overlap of the two adjacent parts C, the blade interleaving amount e, the extension amount of the protective cover Lmax and the average value of each section. The length of the protective cover section Lev and the length of the first section lfirst

the YXZ three-axis steel plate protective cover of Guangzhou Taiwan Weili 1480 machining center. The protective cover of the national parcel machine tool is an integral part of the machine tool, There are inner protective cover and outer protective cover. Steel shield is used in CNC machine tools For high-speed equipment, it is necessary to maintain it frequently to ensure the performance of the steel shield. First, check the surface of the steel plate protective cover every day, remove all kinds of cuttings and other dirt on the surface, prevent the accumulation of debris, check whether the running track meets the lubrication requirements, prevent the damage caused by the huge friction caused by the insufficient lubricating oil, and see whether the surface is very smooth and whether there are scratches. As the detection basis for early detection, these problems * * * will be repeated before leaving work in the afternoon, These tasks are the focus of every day, and I hope to attract everyone's attention. Regularly check the shaft of the steel plate protective cover to prevent dust and abrasive particles from adhering to the surface of the lead screw. If these things exist, it will affect the service life and working accuracy of the lead screw, resulting in unqualified products. If the lead screw protective cover is damaged during the inspection, it should be repaired in time, and it should be replaced in time when the damage is serious

the protective cover of high safety steel plate machine tool should not be removed. The protective cover of steel plate machine tool can withstand the impact of hammer, stone or some bullets without being penetrated or cracked. The casing is closed with a large mechanical lock. The high dust-proof steel protective cover is often equipped with a sunshade and an electric fan to prevent the temperature inside the cover from being too high. It can also maintain the temperature in the hood by filtering the external compressed air source

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