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Shijiazhuang free inspection of "toxic gas"

Shijiazhuang free inspection of "toxic gas"

March 2, 2005 reading volume: at present, this method is mostly used to measure the dynamic friction coefficient. Source: paint | contribution

recently, it was learned from the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center that Shijiazhuang will continue to carry out indoor air quality public welfare inspection activities for the citizens of the provincial capital for free from March this year

according to the technicians, the pollutants produced by home decoration that affect the indoor air quality mainly include formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC (total organic volatile matter), ammonia and radioactive substances. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen, and its release period is as long as 3 to 15 years. Its harm is mainly to stimulate the eyes and respiratory mucosa, and eventually cause abnormal immune function, liver injury, lung injury and central nervous system injury. Benzene is known as "aromatic killer", mainly from wood coatings (paint), coatings, waterproof materials. Some decorated families have allergic dermatitis, laryngeal edema, bronchitis and thrombocytopenia, which are related to high benzene content. Last year, the Center tested the air quality of 111 plastic families with physical and chemical aging, and only 38 were qualified, with a pass rate of 34.2%. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has an unparalleled professional and technical team, and 73 were unqualified, with a fail rate of 65.8%. Among them, 64 households failed to meet the standard of formaldehyde, accounting for 87.8% of the households that failed to meet the standard, and 16 households more than doubled the standard, accounting for 25% of the households that exceeded the standard; There are 13 unqualified households, accounting for 17.8% of unqualified households

according to the introduction, this activity starts from March and accepts user applications on the day of each month. The objects of acceptance are home decoration projects in Shijiazhuang, decoration projects with decoration agreements with home decoration companies and contract labor and materials. The decoration project has been completed for more than 7 days. Except for the decoration materials used by home decoration companies, the owner has not yet added other indoor supplies (such as furniture, wood flooring, etc.) in accordance with gb/t 50269 (9) 7 specification for dynamic characteristics test of foundation. Citizens can call and consult. The center will select 10 households from the home decoration owners who meet the testing conditions every month for indoor air testing. After the completion of the test, publish the results and issue the owner with a legally effective test report that has passed the national "three in one recognition"

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