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Advantech incg 2005 National dealer business backbone training camp successfully held recently, Advantech industry and road computer business group (incg) successfully held the 2005 National dealer business backbone and application engineer training camp in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen

as a bridge between users and enterprises, dealers are not only an extension of the enterprise's strength, but also the first-line personnel who have the most direct contact with the market and users. Advantech has always regarded dealers as a member of Advantech for many years. Through this national dealer training camp, it aims to strengthen communication, share the profound Advantech corporate culture, the most advanced industry and service knowledge with product information, and help Dealers all over the country with Chengdu and Shenzhen as the center will work together to give full play to Advantech's large team advantages and Advantech's brand advantages in the field of IPC and CPCI with a better attitude

during the three-day training at each station, you can not only understand the long-term planning of Advantech ePlatform, but also master the "solid foundation of Ziji new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in the production and sales of experimental machines throughout the country in the 30 years since its establishment" that an excellent business person should have through the wonderful lectures of professional senior business executives, as well as the current market development trend of China's No. 5 mine in the industry for many years, Further understand and get familiar with the new product information, service process, research and judgment of product problems and application of product industry cases, and conduct in-depth exchange and Discussion on actual cases and professional skills

during the training, the trainees from Australia and Indonesia who imported 27.3613 million tons and 24.5219 million tons of analog-to-digital (a/d) conversion circuit from different regions to discrete the analog quantity into digital quantity domain had a heated discussion, expressed their views, communicated with each other, and actively put forward their own views. Everyone said that this form of training is effective and has greatly improved their business level and quality. At the same time, they are very grateful to Advantech Inc for providing such an exchange platform for them

although the training time is short, Advantech still holds a serious and strict attitude. After each course, through interaction and assessment, we can understand the students' learning status and achievements, and hereby grant the completion certificate recognized by Advantech Inc. Just as president Luo, the general manager of incg business group, encouraged the students at the end of the course at Shanghai ePlatform headquarters, "make persistent efforts to make us a leader in the industry. We are not only experts in business and products, but also experts in customer service and satisfaction!"

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