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Adobe helps digitalize the publishing industry launch a new digital publishing suite in China

recently, the adobe digital publishing suite media exchange meeting was held in Beijing. With the rise of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart devices such as smart and tablet computers, more and more users prefer to use handheld devices for reading. The traditional publishing industry is experiencing a reading revolution. In response to this trend, Maji, the business development manager of adobe, maoyibing, a digital media consultant, and others made an in-depth exposition and Analysis on the transformation of adobe digital publishing suite for digital publishing

adobe digital publishing suite was officially launched in the Chinese market on March 19 this year. It can provide a platform for domestic magazine and newspaper publishers to sell digital content directly to consumers through publishers or cutting-edge mobile markets. Based on adobeindesign software, the digital publishing suite combines marketing tools within the application, flexible business models and support for in-depth analysis reports, making it possible to design and deliver innovative reading experiences with publisher brand characteristics. Combined with InDesign, the digital publishing suite enables publishers to efficiently and interactively participate in highly customized publications to attract high-value readers and advertisers

ma Ji, general manager of stable channels in other regions of adobe Greater China, said that the number of digital publications published using Adobe digital publishing suite has exceeded 100 million so far. It is reported that the top five consumer magazine publishers in North America are using Adobe digital publishing suite to create their own and tablet applications. These five magazines have more than 200million readers in North America

it is understood that adobe digital publishing suite is a very easy-to-use cloud service. The biggest difference between Adobe digital publishing suite and other products in the market is that it inherits our traditional publishing software InDesign. Traditional publishers do not need to set up a special digital publishing team, which eliminates the worries of many customers and allows them to devote more energy to the content creation they are good at, Through Adobe digital publishing suite, we can improve the interaction and reading experience, help publishers increase the number of potential advertisers, and share with e-commerce. Maoyibin said that professional publishing industry or designers can master Adobe digital publishing suite in half a day. After putting the produced app on the apple or Google App store, publishers can use DPS to realize information push, social sharing, advertising inserts and paid or free options for digital publications. This is undoubtedly a blessing for traditional publishers who have just come into contact with digital publishing

in addition, Adobe digital publishing suite can help users generate apps suitable for different terminals, including iPhone, iPad, kindle fire, Android and tablet computers. In addition, Adobe disclosed that it will add comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology to support 8 system devices for windows this year

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