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Comparison of NC flame plasma cutting speed

after the cutting process has been upgraded from traditional manual cutting and blanking to NC cutting, its processing speed has been significantly improved. However, with the rapid development of downstream industries, higher requirements have been put forward for the cutting speed of NC cutting machines. According to the relevant performance parameters of NC cutting machines on the market at present, You can modify the software or electromechanical parameters of the electronic universal experimental machine. Generally, the speed of the numerical control flame cutting machine can reach mm/min, while the speed of the numerical control plasma cutting machine can reach mm/min. However, because the plastic extruder serves various industries and develops in depth, in the practical application of enterprises, its speed is difficult to reach this upper limit. On the one hand, it is for the consideration of cutting quality to reduce the speed to ensure the stable operation of the machine, More importantly, it is caused by the lack of understanding of CNC cutting machines. Next, Wuhan baisijie CNC Technology Co., Ltd. will analyze the cutting speed of CNC cutting machines, hoping to provide reference for users and enterprises

the cutting speed of steel plate corresponds to the burning speed of steel in oxygen. In actual production, the cutting speed should be adjusted according to the performance parameters of the cutting nozzle, the type and purity of gas, and the material and thickness of steel plate. Cutting speed directly affects the matching detection of cutting process: hydrostatic strength test, melt activity rate stability and cutting section quality. If you want to artificially increase the cutting speed to improve the production efficiency and reduce the cutting speed to best improve the section quality, it is impossible, which can only make the cutting section quality worse. Too fast cutting speed will cause quality defects such as depression and slag hanging on the cutting section, which may seriously cause the cutting terminal; Too slow cutting speed will cause the upper edge of the incision to melt and collapse, the lower edge to produce rounded corners, and the lower half of the cutting section to appear water washed deep grooves and pits, etc

the appropriate cutting speed can be adjusted by observing the characteristics of slag ejected from the incision. In the normal flame cutting process, the cutting oxygen flow is slightly backward by an angle relative to the vertical cutting torch, and its corresponding offset is called drag. When the speed is too low, there is a rear support, and the spark beam at the cutting edge under the workpiece shifts to the cutting direction. If the operating speed of the cutting torch is increased, the spark beam will shift in the opposite direction. When the spark beam is parallel to the cutting oxygen flow, the cutting speed is considered normal. When the speed is too high, the spark beam deviates significantly. (end the existing change experiment can only record semi quantitative indicators such as the number of twist turns)

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