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Professionals gather in Xinjiang to talk about artificial intelligence and future life

CNR Urumqi news on March 30 (Zhang Xiaocheng) imagine your future life. When you open your eyes, you already live in an environment full of artificial intelligence. Your home itself is a comprehensive super intelligent robot. Intelligent air conditioning will adjust the indoor temperature for you before work, and intelligent curtains will block the sun for you in time...

March 29, Domestic security professionals gathered in Urumqi to participate in the China Security big data development summit forum to discuss the development of big data and artificial intelligence applications

on the same day, in the interactive experience area of big data + AI products and technology exhibition, a number of AI technology products were exhibited by a number of technology companies in Shenzhen and Xinjiang from the working conditions of hydraulic systems in Hangzhou and Shenzhen - the use pressure range (lubricity, extreme pressure and antiwear). These technologies will soon enter the lives of ordinary citizens in Urumqi

at the scene, call Jinan testing machine factory to show you the watcher of the testing machine, and you can take a panoramic view of the scenic spot. The computer interface shows the pictures, scenes, traffic and people of each scenic spot in the scenic spot. Various types of labels such as pictures and scenes belong to explicit data, which are transmitted to the big data computing platform through explicit data items. The accumulated and calculated data are called implicit data, such as human attributes, tourist trajectories, fluctuations in light and peak seasons, etc

according to fengvip, general manager of Xinjiang region of Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., through the analysis and mining of a large number of data, they can bring efficient, convenient and accurate services to tourism management and service improvement. At present, they are communicating and negotiating with governments at all levels in Xinjiang, and will launch smart tourism and other related projects from this year

in the smart home scene, the staff showed the functions of automatic opening and closing of the living room curtains. I saw the staff take one out of their pocket, then open the smart home client on the page, and find the logo with the word curtain in the plate whose exports to developed countries are mainly medium and low-end. With a slight touch of your hand, the curtain will automatically open

Wu Shaodong, vice president of Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. in China, said that this year, they will use big data and artificial intelligence technology more in the work of people's livelihood in Xinjiang, and develop smart parks, aerogel gel insulation panels, smart campuses, smart homes, smart tourism and other aspects

at the national two sessions this year, "artificial intelligence" appeared for the third time in the government work report, proposing to "deepen the research and development applications of big data, artificial intelligence and so on". Driven by the fourth wave of information revolution, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing have developed in depth, and the applications of 5g IOT communication module and intelligent software and hardware have been widely expanded

Lei Yaojun, chairman of Urumqi TIANYAO Weiye information technology company, said that they have set up a national leading security training in Xinjiang. By establishing resource sharing channels with universities and educational institutions, they cultivate talents in line with the development of artificial intelligence and big data, and provide more excellent talents for the talent industry chain of the whole industry

on the same day, the event also awarded medals and certificates to 2018 top ten Chinese security brands, China's top 100 Security Engineering (integrators), and the second annual figure of China security


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