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Shijiazhuang Tianyi packaging group project cooperation

I. project overview

1. The high-end packaging and printing technology transformation project

has a new domestic leading composite packaging and printing production line and carton production line, which is constructed by using the existing plant and infrastructure, with a total investment of 30million yuan; The annual output of high-end color printing composite packaging bags is 200million, and high-end cartons and cartons are 30million square meters; After the project is put into operation, it is expected to realize an annual profit of 10million yuan and tax of 11million yuan

this project has been included in the national technical transformation project of "double highs can store the experimental results in computers and one excellence", and now we are looking for capital investment partners. The investment proportion shall be negotiated by both parties

2. The new 50000 ton kraft liner board project (or more than 100000 tons is better)

the new board paper production line and water treatment equipment with domestic advanced level are constructed by using the self owned land in the suburbs of the enterprise, and the total investment of the project is about 80million yuan. The annual output of kraft linerboard is 50000 tons. After the project is put into operation, it is expected to realize an annual profit of 11million yuan and tax of 13million yuan

this project is now seeking partners for capital investment. The investment proportion shall be negotiated by both parties

II. Other cooperation contents and methods:

1. Joint venture cooperation field

according to the market situation and the actual situation of the enterprise, we hope to choose to seek joint venture partners in the following fields:

· plastic color printing composite packaging

· carton

· self adhesive printing, trademark printing, book printing

· Kraft linerboard

· BOPP film

· other high-tech and high value-added products range from BIW to assembly Then to parts and components

2, joint venture and cooperation mode

· it can be partially bought out (an enterprise within the group or a part of an enterprise)

· it can be a joint venture as a whole or a joint venture on a certain enterprise or product

· if the foreign party has suitable projects or products, we can provide factory sites, water and electricity, skilled workers, etc

· idle plants and facilities also require cooperation and leasing between the electronic universal testing machine industry

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