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Professional Strobil robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs

professional Strobil robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs

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professional Strobil robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs

professional Strobil robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs, which is far from the same. (3) the cut-off state is the off state. This is the result of base current IB ≤ 0. In the cut-off state, only a very weak leakage current flows through the GTR, so its power consumption is negligible. GTR is used as a switching device in the inverter circuit. In the working process, it always alternates between saturated states. Therefore, the rated power consumption of GTR for inverter is usually very small. As mentioned above, if the GTR is in an enlarged state, such as repair welding of DN500 welded pipes, 3-way pipes, elbows, short parts, and 4-way drainage pipes, and replacement of partially damaged flanges; Inspect, repair, process and replace the handwheel of the butterfly valve; The power consumption of 40t scraper chain, Horseshoe Ring, bolts and nuts will increase by more than 100% when they are selected, derusted and cleaned with oil. Therefore, GTR in inverter circuit is not allowed to stay in amplification state. The increasing state of IC is restricted by Ohm's law. When β When IB> uc/rc, IC= β The relationship between IB can no longer be maintained. At this time, The GTR begins to enter a "saturated" state. When the size of IC is almost completely determined by Ohm's law, that is, ICS ≈ uc/rc, the GTR is in a deep saturated state (ICs is the saturated current) 。

professional stauber robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs. The drive enable and the position feedback of X and Y axes are adjusted, so that the x-axis output of NC controls the y-axis, and the y-axis output controls the x-axis. After adjustment, operate the CNC system and manually move the y-axis. The x-axis of the machine tool moves and works normally, which proves that the position feedback signal interface circuit of the CNC device has no fault. However, when operating the CNC system and manually moving the x-axis, the Y-axis of the machine tool will not move. At the same time, CNC

professional stobil robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs

displays the alarm of "err21, X-axis measurement system error". It is confirmed that the alarm is caused by the poor position measurement system and has nothing to do with the interface circuit of the numerical control device. Check that the cable connection of the measurement system is correct and reliable, and eliminate the problem of cable connection. Use an oscilloscope to check the output waveforms of ual and ua*ua1 and UA2 of the preamplifier exe601/5-f of the position measurement system. (4) the spring testing machine is connected by the electromechanical and reducer cam to drive the connecting rod to do reciprocating motion, and there is no output of ua1 phase. Further check the signal waveform of grating output (input of preamplifier exe601/5-f)

there should be a clear distinction between the outside. The connected wire must be 0.5 ~ 2mm2 in size, and the stripped metal should be wrapped with insulating tape. The wiring of frequency converter must be reasonable to prevent interference with other equipment. In order to improve the safety and simplicity of wiring, it is recommended to use crimping terminals on the signal line. The reference of wiring terminals is shown in Figure 3 below. The power line and control circuit of the frequency converter should be grounded separately. If conditions do not permit, ensure that the frequency converter is grounded, and the control circuit can float to reduce mutual interference. Introduce relevant contents of industrial control: in addition, when protecting high-voltage servo drives and frequency converters in summer, pay attention to the humidity of the environment of servo drives and frequency converter equipment, regularly clean the servo drives, filter the internal dust of the frequency converter, ensure the smoothness of the cooling air path, and effectively reduce the occurrence of servo drives and frequency converter problems. Based on years of protection experience, Dongfang Hitachi Service Center sorted out the protection points of servo drives and frequency converters in summer

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professional stauber robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs

robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs. When operating above 60Hz, you should carefully discuss with the manufacturer. 9. Can the frequency converter drive the gear motor? According to the structure and lubrication mode of the reducer, several problems need to be paid attention to. In the structure of gears, 70 ~ 80Hz can usually be considered as the maximum limit. When oil lubrication is used, continuous operation at low speed is related to the damage of gears. 10. Can the frequency converter be used to drive single-phase motor and single-phase power supply. The machine is basically useless. For the single-phase motor with governor switch starting type, the auxiliary winding will be burnt out when the speed range below the operating point; For capacitor starting or capacitor operation mode, the capacitor will be induced. The power supply of frequency converter is usually 3-phase, but for small capacity, there are also models with single-phase power supply. 11. How much power does the frequency converter consume. It is related to the type of inverter, operation status, use frequency, etc., but it is difficult to answer. However, the efficiency of the frequency converter below 60Hz is about 94% - 96%

what is the difference between PWM and PAM? PWM is the abbreviation of Pulsewidthmodulation in English, which changes the pulse width of the pulse train according to a certain law to adjust the output and waveform. PAM is the abbreviation of pulse amplitude modulation in English. It is a modulation method that changes the pulse amplitude of the pulse train according to a certain law to adjust the output value and waveform. Voltage type and current type have

professional stauber robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs

What's the difference? The main circuit of frequency converter can be divided into two categories: voltage type is the frequency converter that converts the DC of voltage source into AC, and the filter of DC circuit is capacitance; Current mode is a frequency converter that converts the DC of current source into AC, and its DC circuit is filtered by inductance. Why does the voltage of the frequency converter change in proportion to the current? The torque of the asynchronous motor is generated by the interaction between the magnetic flux of the motor and the current flowing in the rotor

professional Strobil robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs. Motor failures often occur. The maintenance of servo motor needs professionals. Here are the maintenance methods of several common faults of servo motor. How much do you know about spring testing machine? Now let's introduce the structure and normal protection of the spring testing machine. Although the working principle of AC servo motor is similar to that of split phase single-phase asynchronous motor. Summary of 13 kinds of faults and maintenance knowledge of common servo motors I. what needs to be done before starting the servo motor 1) measure the insulation resistance (for low-voltage motors, it should not be less than 0.5m). 2) Measure the power supply voltage and check whether the motor wiring is correct and whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements. 3) Check whether the starting equipment is in good condition. 4) Check whether the fuse is suitable. 5) Check whether the motor is well grounded and connected to neutral. 6) Check the transmission for defects. 7) Check whether the motor environment is suitable, and remove inflammables and other sundries. What are the reasons for the overheating of the servo motor bearing? The motor itself: 1) the inner and outer rings of the bearing are too tight. 2) There is a problem with the geometric tolerance of parts, such as the base and end cover

it may be infected. 1) the system parameter setting or file configuration is incorrect. 2) Communication cable

professional stauber robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs

if there is a problem, the communication cable should not be too long to avoid signal attenuation and failure. 3) In case of hardware failure, communication port failure or card failure, the replacement method can be used to determine the location of the problem. 1) The setting of the external input and output equipment of the system is wrong or the hardware fails. When communicating, the operator first confirms whether the external communication equipment is intact and whether the power supply is normal. During communication, it is necessary to match the parameters of the external equipment with the parameters of the CNC system, such as the baud rate and stop bit must be set to be consistent before normal communication can be achieved. The external communication port must correspond to the hardware. Different CNC systems may have different definitions of pipe corners of communication cables. If the pipe corners are welded incorrectly or falsely, the communication will not be completed normally. In addition, the communication cable should not be too long to avoid signal attenuation and failure. The setting of system parameters is very important

abnormal driving signal, current detection circuit failure, etc. In this case, the frequency converter must be repaired in time to avoid the expansion of the fault. The display of the frequency converter is normal when it is powered on and standby, but an overcurrent fault is reported as soon as it operates. The reasons for the maintenance of this kind of frequency converter are mainly caused by the load motor dragged outside the frequency converter and the blockage of the mechanical transmission mechanism. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to use the frequency converter to test the machine back and forth without eliminating the problem, otherwise the problem of peripheral machinery cannot be solved! The frequency converter is normal at the initial stage of startup, but it reports overcurrent during acceleration. The main reasons are that the acceleration time of the frequency converter is too short, the rated current value of the motor is set to be small due to the actual inconsistency, the professional stobil robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs, and the torque compensation (u/f) is set to be higher, and the parameter setting is improper. E6 and E7 frequency converter maintenance faults must be familiar to the majority of users. This is a typical fault of Mitsubishi frequency converter, and there are many reasons for the damage of frequency converter maintenance ee7

(1) integrated circuit 1302h02 is damaged. This is an IC integrated circuit that integrates drive waveform conversion and multi-channel detection signals, and has multi-channel signals associated with the CPU board. In many cases of frequency converter maintenance, the problem of any signal of this integrated circuit may cause E6 and E7 alarms; (2) The signal isolation optocoupler is damaged. There are multiple strong and weak signals between IC 1302h02 and CPU board that need to be isolated. The isolation light indicates that the more serious the stratification problem is, the damage of coupling occupies a relatively high proportion of the damage of components in frequency converter maintenance. Therefore, when E6 and E7 alarms occur, we should also consider whether it is caused by such factors; (3) The connector is damaged or the connector is in poor contact. Because the connecting cable between the CPU board and the power board is easy to break and solder after several bends, it is also easy to bend and break the pins on the plug side if it is not used properly. The above reasons for frequency converter maintenance may also cause E6

e7 failure. The failure of switching power supply is also a common failure in the maintenance of Mitsubishi A500 series inverter. Besides eliminating some factors that we often mentioned before, such as the damage of pulse transformer, the damage of switching FET, the damage of starting resistance, the damage of rectifier diode and so on, the common reason for the failure of inverter maintenance is the damage

professional stobil robot TX90 maintenance helps you save costs

the bad device is an m51996 waveform generator chip, This is a control chip with multiple protections such as on-off time adjustment, output voltage adjustment, voltage feedback adjustment, etc. The main problems are the power supply of 14 pins of the chip, 7 pins of adjusting the voltage reference value, 5 pins of feedback detection, and 2 pins of waveform output. This paper introduces the solution of CF3 fault alarm of delta frequency converter, the causes of maintenance faults of this kind of frequency converter and the corresponding inspection and maintenance measures. Check the rectifier module and inverter module of the frequency converter before repairing the specific fault causes of the frequency converter, and test whether the characteristics are intact

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