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The program "deadly Samurai" used NI LabVIEW and Ni compactdaq to determine the victory

in June 2010, when the U.S. Spike TV program "deadly Samurai" brought the two most powerful Samurai in history to the arena, the program used the software and hardware products of national instruments (Ni) to help judge who was the winner. The engineers of the program made a demonstration to the guests on niweek, and selected NI LabVIEW graphical system design software, Ni compactdaq data acquisition platform and Ni diadem data management software to conduct impact test and measure and analyze the damage degree. The advantages of Ni products, such as ease of use, rapid setting, seamless integration and repeatable configuration, make it an ideal solution for a series of rapid measurement of programs

deadly warrior plans to let warriors such as pirates and knights fight, and measure their fighting skills and the lethality of their weapons. The program uses the latest technology and world-class warriors to reproduce the fighting style of each warrior, and then determines who wins the game according to the measurement data. In the first season of the program, the audience reached 1.8 million, which was the best-selling series of Spike TV station in 2009

"deadly warrior" enables us to use real and cutting-edge technology to answer the ancient question of who will win the game. Gary tarpinian, the producer of the program, said that because in TV programs, time is money, we need a solution that can be quickly established and measured from many different sensors. The flexibility and high accuracy of Ni software and hardware products help us quickly collect and analyze measurement results. Another thing is that they look very attractive to the audience

the program uses third-party sensors to fight. They also plan to measure weapons and samurai in a crowdfunding simulation in June this year. For third-party sensors, LabVIEW and Ni compactdaq are like relatively separate software and hardware interfaces. Due to the modularity of Ni compactdaq, engineers in deadly warrior can easily replace Ni C series modules from the chassis and quickly carry out multiple measurements. In addition, diadem helps engineers easily put multiple test measurements into a software environment, quickly compare, analyze and visualize the measured data, and determine the results

readers can visit phosphorus flame retardant materials, which are subject to certain use restrictions C there are two kinds of enterprise om/deadliestwarrior. Watch the video to learn more about the use of Ni software and hardware products in the "deadly warrior" program; You can also visit to learn about other unique applications using Ni products

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