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The largest professional tyre testing ground in China was officially opened

recently, Zhengxin rubber MAGGIS testing ground, the largest professional tyre testing ground in China, was officially opened. With an investment of 1billion yuan, B. is the clamping available? It covers an area of 860000 square meters and introduces world-class equipment. It is the largest world-class professional tire testing site in China. Zhengxin tire (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is one of the largest rubber tire manufacturers in China. Luo Cairen, the chairman of the company, said that he would take the opportunity of the opening of the tire testing ground of MAGGIS wheel if the relevant parts did not meet the requirements, and strive to pass the final examination of the qualification of "export exemption" of the State Administration of quality inspection within this year. This is the day of the launch ceremony, and the car is performing at the MAGGIS tire testing ground

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