Comparison of English terms for the specification

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Comparison of English terms of valve specification technology

applicable medium applicable temperature

butt clamp

chemical analysis chemical composition

connecting format

double disc

flexible disc

flange flange hoop clamp

inside thread internal thread


mains power supply

material chemical analysis and Mechanical capacity material chemical composition and mechanical properties

materials materials for main parts

mechanical capacity mechanical properties

max. discharging capacity maximum displacement

max. operating temperature maximum operating temperature

max. allowable temperature maximum allowable temperature

max. a if production, design The supervisor and the contractor allow this kind of unqualified thermal insulation materials to enter the construction project. The maximum allowable pressure is

model type

name of parts part name

nitrogen (n) Nitrogen

nominal bore

nominal pressure



outside thread external thread

oxidant oxidizing medium


piping pipeline

piston piston

reducing medium

rising Step M rising stem

seal valve seat, Sealing surface

will be favored by more and more merchants

seat testing pressure gas seal test pressure

socket ferrule

specifications performance specifications

single disc

solid rigidity

strength test pressure

steam, condensate steam, condensate

stroke stroke, stroke

force, tensile strength, elongation and other parameters water, oil, Steam water, temperature, gas

wedge wedge welding

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