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Proficy change management 5.9 provides you with stronger power capability

on March 5, 2009, as one of the business groups under Ge enterprise solutions, it released its latest version of Proficy change management 5.9 today, which adopts enhanced functions based on web clients, provides users with "thin" client version control, audit tracking and security ways, and obtains popular automation products. The new interface makes it easy for end users to find the file location of projects and PLC, and they can be found more easily by using HTML based configuration

"Proficy change management software is a key component of our Proficy automation application software family." Claire Cerrato, general manager of GE Fanuc automation products, said, "it listens to the requirements of users and improves the key indicators of process and normal operation. Proficy change management software has powerful functions, including security, audit tracking of more than 4600 types of version control products, central storage, automatic transmission backup and recovery, so as to improve security and efficiency."

the HTML based client is "thin" and small in size and easy to set up. Compared with the traditional "fat" client, it will save users the time of installation and update. 2. Before the experiment, we should estimate the heavy load of the experiment and select the appropriate sensor. It also provides easy access to end-user and administrative functions, such as logout, login, opening, version reporting, and more

this new version of the product provides lower maintenance of the Internet server in the setting and minor client installation, so as to reduce the total cost of maintaining the system

the new product can strongly support almost all types of files, documents or FTP devices. Users can create their own product types according to their preferences, and Proficy change management software will automatically create a configuration file to manage these files. The new product can preset standards and FTP templates for equipment processing, such as robots, vision systems, and uploading and downloading of CNC, SCADA systems, PC control systems, and other file storage systems

with drag and drop configuration, users can easily create an HTML interface, organize topics and provide personalized pages. The client supports commonly used hardware and third-party products from GE Fanuc, such as Rockwell, Siemens and Schneider

the powerful new functions of profitability change management 5.9 can also help enterprises meet various industrial specifications formulated by the government, such as the important infrastructure protection of North American power reliability Corporation (NERC), and reduce the total cost of ownership faster

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