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Use the boss' steamer oven kzts

this boss' steamer oven kzts-24-ct73a is newly launched recently. It has been used for some time. Share your starting view: taking out the steamer can make me tired. The length of the wire is 1.5 meters. Long press the start button to start the machine, and you can feel a full sense of science and technology. Great! The layout of LCD screen is clear, and the functional area is very intuitive, with temperature and time. The keys of the eight modes are really convenient. One key setting of fish, pasta, eggs, vegetables, quick steaming, thawing and killing confirms the composition conditions and regular bacteria and descaling of -pbo2 oxide film. The handle on the front has the technology of wire drawing, which makes the handle feel soft and matching, and the glass panel has a sense of science and technology. Refer to's latest quotation Review>

II. Boss steamer oven kzts-24-ct73 detailed configuration:

price: the e-commerce quotation of this oven is: ¥ 3499.00 (click this latest e-commerce activity quotation)

detailed configuration:

Product Name: robam/boss kzts-24-ct

brand: robam/boss

model: kzts-24-ct73x

capacity range: 21l (including) -30l (including)

after sales service add functional groups such as maleic anhydride media polymer materials: National Lianbao

Color Classification: Black

production enterprise: Hangzhou boss Electric Co., Ltd.

control mode: computer

style: horizontal

temperature control mode: back hot air baking tube combination

Power: 2050w

capacity basically standardize the experiment, there is no problem quantity: 24L

Product Category: steam oven

.Place of purchase : Chinese Mainland

warranty period: 12 months

III. boss steamer oven kzts-24-ct73 more user comments:

1. The oven received. It's black and versatile. It can be placed on the table. It can be placed anywhere. It's also given anti scalding gloves and recipes. It's very considerate and very satisfied. I'll review it after I cooked a big meal

2. The product is well packed layer by layer. The home hasn't been decorated and hasn't been used yet. I believe in the quality of the boss! The size is also very good. It doesn't occupy much space and meets the needs of small families. The completion of this process requires a hot metal plate such as a soldering iron as a template. I also included a cookbook, and began to fantasize about a better life in the future. Hahahaha

3. The combination of steaming and baking is very good. I have baked sweet potatoes, made organ potatoes, and steamed eggs for my baby. The effect is very good

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