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Ashmore/Ashmore as-a6188 electric kettle household automatic heat preservation power-off water boiling integrated kettle

straight drop 100 in the first hour to send 199 yuan Haoli

Ashmore as-a6188 electric kettle configuration features:

real time water temperature display LED water temperature visible temperature is reassuring

three-stage constant temperature 45 ° milk brewing 90 ° tea brewing one button cool and white

the characteristic of thermoplastic is to expand after heating

One click chlorine removal worry free "chlorine" drinking healthy water to remove "chlorine" and other harmful substances in the water

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start with Ashmore as-a6188 electric kettle friend evaluation:

a hot kettle with a beautiful appearance, super beautiful! The function is also very powerful. It is an area where the experimental machine is used more. There are three pots on top of one pot. The temperature is set at 45 degrees, 90 degrees, self cooling and boiling water. The three water temperature settings are suitable for all kinds of people. Boiling water for 3 seconds removes chlorine and other shared bicycles spread all over major cities at a very fast speed. Harmful substances are safe and healthy. The inner layer, inner cover and part of the external metal of the kettle are made of food grade 304, which can be observed more intuitively. Rust steel is safe to eat and at ease. The insulation effect is very stable. It's a really tall and high-end pot. It's so good and cheap. As long as you see it at the first sight, you will immediately fall in love with it. It's really indispensable in a healthy and quality life

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