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Use the frequency converter to control the water supply pump

the traditional water supply pump operates continuously, only by adjusting the valve to control the water level in the boiler (using the liquid level sensor), and the excess water is discharged through a bypass

using the frequency converter to control the motor of the water supply pump can change the speed of the water supply pump as required to achieve a more stable liquid level control. The regulating valve is still in the circuit, but it is always open, and the signal of the liquid level sensor is directly transmitted to the frequency converter. In case of light load, the open/close floating point shall be fastened in time; After the experiment, if the machine is not used for a long time, the control can be used to achieve the maximum efficiency when the moving beam passes through the electromagnetic clutch in medium or large demand and the transmission nut is connected to the lead screw. With integral control, it can be used to change the speed of the motor


multiple boilers, single pump

Application Description

is similar to the above applications that the lower computer can transmit parameters, data processing, curve drawing number, etc., but in addition, a higher signal selector is required to control the frequency converter to meet the greater requirements of the boiler and maintain the existing independent boiler liquid level control


w saving electric energy

w more accurate control (less fluctuation)

w bypass control is no longer required, but the characteristics of the frequency converter used as a backup

the ability of overspeed operation


ensure that adequate water supply is available at all times

the current safety control measures cannot be changed

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