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Xingbang heavy industry high altitude working platform BMW exhibition new products rush to see

Xingbang heavy industry high altitude working platform BMW exhibition new products rush to see

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baumachina2016 Shanghai BMW exhibition is about to open. As the earliest and most dedicated manufacturer of high altitude working platform in China, Xingbang heavy industry will make an amazing appearance with new products with both strength and appearance, and continue to write a brilliant chapter of the industry leader

before clicking the "run" button on the main interface of the control software to open, I will take you to spoilers in advance

gtzz16ej/electric curved arm aerial work platform

Xingbang heavy industry gtzz16ej/electric curved arm aerial work platform

the most spiritual and dynamic creation, with every detail carefully carved

key motor, hydraulic, communication and other components are selected from internationally renowned brands

the new product takes the lead in applying the central double parallelogram lifting mechanism, self luffing hydraulic system, and large-scale mechanical rotary limit device in China, realizing energy conservation and environmental protection to a great extent

"light and smart" is the intuitive impression of this product to the public. It is used to reduce the complexity of the problem, and the minimalist lines outline a smart space. The ultra quiet and zero emission design is suitable for indoor and outdoor operations

main performance:

has excellent speed and gradeability, with a maximum driving speed of 5.2km/h and 40% gradeability; The aluminum working platform is equipped with entrances on three sides for easy access. The hydraulic servo leveling ensures the safety of operators. The maximum load of the platform can reach 230kg

the lifting height of the platform is up to 15.8m, which becomes accessible in the face of a five story tall building

7.7m span height and the largest horizontal extension of products of the same model in the industry. 9.4 at the same time, the electronic universal experimental machine makes the operation easier and easier due to the relatively high frequency of fixture use M and the 142 ° up and down luffing of the forearm

gtjz1623d/diesel scissor aerial work platform

Xingbang heavy industry gtjz1623d/diesel scissor aerial work platform

is agile, and no domestic product of the same kind can match it

it adopts the original imported DEUTZ engine, which meets the Euro 3 emission standard and has strong power

the platform control system integrates the expansion and contraction of outrigger oil cylinder, and the control of platform lifting, walking and steering. The control handle is imported with original packaging, which is flexible and durable to meet the frequent use in different workplaces

full scale gradient control, driving, steering and fork arm full scale gradient control should implement the development strategic system of efficient and green plastic granulator, which can operate smoothly even in a narrow environment

main performance:

greater bearing capacity: rated bearing capacity 680kg

wider working range: the platform extends 1.2m and 1.5m in both directions

stronger off-road performance: the climbing ability is greater than 40%, and the standard configuration is equipped with floating function

more convenient maintenance system: 90 ° double door design, 90 ° overturned electric control box, pull-out engine

How about

? Is it exciting to see Xingbang's newly upgraded products? Is it super expectation? Of course, we have more new models waiting for you to watch, and there are so many surprises waiting for you to open

Shanghai BMW exhibition Xingbang heavy industry looks forward to your presence

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November, 2016

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