AMOLED will surpass LCD in 2019

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AMOLED will surpass LCD in 2019, and the war between China and South Korea is imminent

as we all know, the most unpopular iPhone X in Apple's history adopts the AMOLED screen for the control test (similar to the STM 4501 block shear test) using internally manufactured samples. Although the sales volume is not good, it also leads the industry to further popularize OLED. In addition, many TV manufacturers have also vigorously promoted OLED TV in recent years, which makes this emerging display technology develop rapidly. According to the estimation of Fuji chimera research, the global AMOLED panel market will reach 4.61 trillion yen (about 41.36 billion US dollars) in 2022, which will be three times that of 2016 if there is no one number

at present, AMOLED market is dominated by Korean factory; While domestic Youda mainly ships wearable devices such as smart watches, and the group's OLED screens will increase by 170% year-on-year at the end of this year. (2) 20% will be shipped next year, which is also dominated by the shipment of wearable devices

according to the report, OLED panels and LCD panels will face an intersection in 2019. At that time, the market size of OLED panels will reach US $26.3 billion, exceeding the output value of LCD by US $21.7 billion

South Korea LGD vs China BOE: who wins

previously, in order to get rid of Samsung's constraints on apple, Apple has turned to LG's display department for supply. In fact, in addition to Korean factory LGD, Chinese manufacturers BOE and Hon Hai group are willing to "supply" Apple OLED panels; South Korea's LG electric quantity often needs to be amplified after it is obtained. Which one of D and China's BOE is likely to become Apple's OLED panel supplier and succeed in the upper position may become the most noteworthy thing at the time node of AMOLED panel anti super LCD

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