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Usage evaluation: Bose soundsport ear plug sports headset Bose sports headset 2nd generation anti sweat II in ear, OK?

bose soundsport ear plug sports headset 2nd generation anti sweat II in ear

anti sweat waterproof shark fin ear plugs wear comfortable music version wireless control

use for a month experience: the sound quality is really good, and the seller says that he doesn't need to burn up, he can listen to it when he gets it, the noise reduction is very high, and the bass is great, It's easy for people to integrate into the scene of music, especially when they hear some lyric songs. In short, it's great

evaluation after three months of use: Please Click to wipe the antirust agent coated on the machined surface of the machine to enter the view. Now the price of the experimental machine is different.

product parameters:

production this year's K exhibition top product name: Bose soundsport earplug sports

compatible platform: Android ios

package type: official standard configuration

color classification: Black audio gray white black blue black -and green gray white audio red

wearing method: earplug type

headset type: Guohao Exhibition (Shanghai) Limited company wired

whether there is a microphone: with/without a microphone

plug diameter: 3.5mm

headphone category: Sports headphones

brand: Bose

model: soundsport earplug sports headphones

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