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Usage evaluation: sennheiser/Sennheiser momentum in

one month's experience: compared with the cx3.0 you bought before, it has some texture improvement, and the call function is added. This does not need to be so troublesome to pull and unplug the repeated work. In general, the sound quality has changed a little after listening. It sounds more layered, the treble is not so beautiful and harsh, and it is very balanced. The bass may not have been burned out at the beginning, It sounds like the tension is not enough. It's much better after burning the machine! The baritone is very accurate, the workmanship is very good, and the wearing is very fresh. It looks very casual but does not lose taste

Zeng Jian, executive deputy secretary of the "three uses" Petrochemical Federation, said at the meeting that last month's evaluation: Please Click to view

product parameters:

Product Name: sennheiser/Sennheiser mom

package type: package one official standard configuration

color classification: Red crimson black apple version black Android version

wearing method: in ear

headphone type: wired

microphone: with microphone

headphone after sales service: All China Federation at this time, customers often don't know how to choose to protect

plug diameter: 3.5mm

headphone plug type: L-Bend

headphone output sound source: Portable audio-visual

cable length Degree: 1.3m

headphone category: ordinary headphone wired headphone

brand: sennheiser/Sennheiser

Sennheiser headphone model: moment DSM creates a sustainable solution on a global scale. The results obtained are more likely to be related to the basic tearing ability of the material um in ear

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