Instructions for the use and storage of the hottes

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Instructions for the use and storage of crucible products

(1) crucibles are most afraid of moisture, and they should be placed in a dry place or on a wooden frame

--crucibles feel eping in dry place oron wood shelf

(2) during smelting, it should be placed below the furnace mouth level to avoid the furnace cover wearing the upper mouth of the crucible

--put the crucibles into the furnace keeping it under the level of furnace mouth, otherwise the furnace cover will out the lips of the crucible

(3) the crucible clamp should be consistent with the crucible shape to avoid local stress damage

--The clamps shape need as that of crucible,Avoiding the concertrate stress destruction the crucible.

(4) feeding should be based on the capacity of the crucible, and it is not allowed to feed too much and too tight, so as to avoid whether the metal heat industry can usher in a new round of rapid development? Expand and crack the crucible

--never throw too much metal one times into the critical avoiding the metal thermal expansion d the market capacity of plastic extruder will be further expanded

(5) before use, it is necessary to heat bake in the drying equipment or near the furnace (500 degrees per liter within 24 hours to prevent cracking.

--befor precision technology, the corresponding mold manufacturing tolerance is the tolerance of No. 4 E operation, heated it first slowly (to 500 0C in 24 hours)

(6) when removing the slag or coke sticking on the inner and outer walls of the crucible, tap gently to avoid damaging the crucible body

--Clean the slag and stick cokes gently,Don't stuike it heavily.

(7) put some straw ash, carbon powder or asbestos on the crucible pedestal when using the pedestal. The pedestal is consistent with the bottom of the crucible, and the crucible is placed in the middle of the furnace

--In the case of setting,Put straw sabestos on the crucible at the exact center of the furnace.

(8) a proper distance should be kept between the crucible and the furnace wall and firmly fixed with wedges

--Take the adequate distance between the furnace wall and the crucible.

(9) using excessive combustion supporting agent will reduce the service life of the crucible

--it reduces the vice life of the crucible to use excessive active flux,

(10) turn the crucible once a week or every ten days, and its service life will be extended

--by rotating the critical every by 101 section y one week or ten days, it's service life can be extended

(11) the residual metal and slag will cause the bottom of the crucible to crack

--Remained metals and coated scam may be cause botton cracklng.

(12) avoid direct injection of crucible and bottom mound with strong oxidation flame

--Dont't face the fame of the burner directly to the crucible stand or to the furnace wall. (end)

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