Instructions for selecting the hottest drop test i

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Instructions for the selection of drop test instruments

instructions for the selection of drop test instruments

drop test instruments for large packaged goods are generally of high quality, and the vertical drop height is low during transportation and handling. Therefore, the test drop height of the drop test bench is required to be low, and the zero drop test machine is mainly used for the drop test of larger packages. The zero drop testing machine uses an E-shaped fork that can move down quickly as the test piece bracket, and the tested goods are placed and balanced according to the test requirements (face, edge, angle test). During the test, the supporting plate moves downward at high speed and separates from the test piece. Before the tested packaged goods fall to the bottom plate, the e-fork has been embedded in the bottom plate under the action of high-efficiency shock absorber. Theoretically, the zero drop testing machine can conduct the drop test from zero height to the maximum drop height. Among them, the most studied is the zero drop test bench of graphene and manganese dioxide composites, which adopts the plate double guide rail guidance and electric lifting system, which is suitable for the drop test of packaging specimens with large overall dimensions. The loading and unloading of test pieces is convenient and fast, and the drop test with low height of edges, surfaces and corners can be realized, and the drop height can start from zero

the drop test instrument can conduct free drop test on the surface, corner and edge of the package. It is equipped with a digital height display and uses a decoder to track the height, so that the product drop height can be accurately given, and the error with the preset drop height is not more than 2% or 10mm. This machine adopts single arm double column structure, with electric reset, electric fall and electric lifting device: easy to use; The unique hydraulic buffer device greatly improves the service life, impact strength, stability and safety of the machine. The single arm setting can easily place products, and the angle error between the impact surface of the drop angle and the plane of the base plate is less than or equal to 5

experimental requirements of drop test instrument:

operating environment requirements: room temperature conditions

space requirements: the machine should be installed and positioned on a horizontal platform with certain strength

power requirements: AC 3 5W 380v

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