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To promote the formation of a new pattern for the development of the printing industry and better serve the prosperity of China's socialist culture, the state publishing Administration held the 2020 China Printing Industry Innovation Conference in Shanghai from October 12 to 13

the theme of this year's conference is "focusing on integration", summarizing the development of the 13th five year plan and planning the development ideas of the 14th five year plan. Promote the integrated development of the printing industry and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, the new generation of information technology and related industries and fields, deepen the supply side structural reform, improve the adaptability of the supply system of the printing industry to domestic demand, consolidate the comparative advantage of international competition, and accelerate high-quality development through publicity and introduction of policies, sharing cases, and centralized display. Excellent publications emerging from strong cultural confidence

at present, the exhibition process of the national publication boutique exhibition is nearing the end, and the audience at the booth is in an endless stream. Today, let's take a look at the exhibition

the electrolytic aluminum industry in the upstream of national publications is in the late stage of scope growth. There are many kinds of bibliographies in the exhibition.

this exhibition covers an area of 300 square meters and is divided into eight regions. There are 780 kinds and 1888 volumes of excellent books from more than 100 publishing houses across the country. In order to give full play to the value of the exhibition of the achievements of China's publishing industry, the exhibition is arranged in an open manner through a linear circular line, creating an integrated space of "exhibition hall + library", so that readers can fully enjoy the achievements of publishing and the power of reading

finally, if you can't go to the scene to watch the exhibition, don't be depressed, let me show you the whole picture of the exhibition with the camera. Control the slow response

guys who haven't come yet, hurry up

national publication exhibition


October 12-16


Shanghai New International Expo Center

booth number

hall N5, n5a131

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