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Instructions and precautions for the use and maintenance of the vacuum packaging machine

1. Check whether the power supply voltage of the vacuum packaging machine is consistent (three-phase four wire 380V or single-phase 220V), whether the grounding is good, and whether the connector in the machine is firm

2. Check whether the oil level of the vacuum pump of the vacuum packaging machine meets the specified requirements. (Note: the oil level of the vacuum pump should always maintain 1//4 oil level, add oil and change oil regularly, and change oil once a month for continuous operation. If the structure of these fixtures has its own advantages and disadvantages, and there are too many water vapor or dust in the environment, it is necessary to shorten the oil change period and replace it with vacuum pump oil or N68 mechanical oil. The pump must be preheated before oil change.)

3. According to the needs of packaging items, the vacuum time is generally adjusted to about seconds. (the longer the time is, the higher the vacuum degree of this unit has ideal working characteristics. With the increase of the altitude of the area of use, the limit vacuum degree will decrease in proportion.)

4. Adjust the sealing temperature and time according to the material of the packaging bag. (Note: the longest time delay of heat sealing is 6 seconds. Generally, the temperature of double-layer composite film is adjusted in gear and the time is adjusted in seconds. Various packaging materials should first test their best temperature time. With the extension of working time, reduce the gear or shorten the time appropriately.)

5. According to the packaging needs, change the corresponding glue words such as the factory date

6. Turn on the power supply and put the belt lock in the "on" position. Close one of the vacuum chambers, increase the pressure slightly, and the vacuum pump starts to work. Pay attention to its running direction first. The forward direction means that the vacuum is established, and the reverse vacuum is not established. It must be reversed and corrected immediately

7. Arrange the packaging bags evenly on the sealing strip of the vacuum packaging machine with constant force measurement height, and place them under the bag pressing strip

8. Close the vacuum chamber of a vacuum packaging machine and apply a little pressure. The whole packaging process from vacuum, sealing, printing and gas return is completed at one time by automatic electrical program control

9. When one vacuum chamber works, objects can be placed in another vacuum chamber. After one vacuum chamber returns to zero, the upper vacuum chamber can be moved to another vacuum chamber to make its left and right chambers work alternately

10. In the process of vacuum packaging machine, if abnormal phenomena are found, press the emergency stop button to return the air in advance, restart the work, and continue the experiment after the oil cylinder is reset. Rdquo; the digital servo valve does not reset

11. When the work is suspended, place the lock switch in the "off" position. When the use is stopped, cut off the power supply and do a good job of cleaning. (end)

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