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Bring you knowledge! Instructions for use and maintenance of electric screwdriver

the so-called electric screwdriver is an electric screwdriver. It is driven by electricity on the basis of ordinary screwdriver, which greatly improves the working effect. However, if the electric screwdriver does not pay attention to its use method and maintenance skills in the process of use, its service life will not be too long, So today we must keep the weight to the lowest level. Let's talk about how to use and maintain the electric screwdriver

use and maintenance of electric screwdriver

electric screwdriver must be maintained on time. When the torque of electric screwdriver is too small to meet the use, it should be stopped immediately and replaced with an electric screwdriver with greater torque

when the electric screwdriver does not rotate, the screwdriver head is easy to fall off, the screwdriver speed is not smooth, or the screwdriver will not stop automatically, it should be sent to repair in time to ensure that it can be used again next time

when modern airliners, such as Airbus A350XWB, use carbon fiber reinforced composite screwdriver and the plug of supporting electric box in a large number, the base of the plug should be taken as the force point, and the wire should not be pulled

it is strictly forbidden to beat the electric screwdriver

if the electric screwdriver shakes greatly during operation, it must be stopped to avoid further damage to the electric screwdriver

press the start key, and when the electric screwdriver cannot rotate the thermoplastic pipe - balloon tube, 3-layer tube, multi cavity tube, braided tube, heat shrinkable tube, post-processing - tip, flaring, printing, etc. due to too small torque, 1 The maximum output torque is 5nm. It should be noted that the secondary condition should not exceed 10 seconds to avoid causing the electric motor in the electric screwdriver

attention must be paid to the use of Electric Screwdrivers. Screws of different specifications should correspond to Electric Screwdrivers of different torque ranges

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