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Installation and use instructions for welded polyethylene all plastic series storage tanks

1. Installation and measurement system: the foundation of the storage tank is required to be level and able to bear the corresponding pressure. If the steel structure is used as the installation foundation of the storage tank, the gap of the steel structure cannot be too large, and if necessary, the foundation surface should be paved with wood or iron plate

2. Because the bottom of large plastic vertical storage tank inevitably protrudes into the tank to form a spherical crown during forming, it is recommended to pave the spherical crown corresponding to the bottom of the storage tank with sand on a horizontal basis

3. When installing and shifting the storage tank, try to use the crane and pay attention to safety

4. When users make the installation foundation or mounting frame of storage tanks, try to refer to the suggestions provided by our company that the birth of this new brand marks the beginning of a new chapter in the clothing and footwear industry

5. When storing chemicals in the storage tank, obvious warning signs should be made for the stored substances. There should be good drainage ditches and dilution devices around the site where the storage tank is placed

6. The flange of the storage tank is generally tightened when leaving the factory, which may cause loosening during transportation and loading and unloading. Users should check the sealing performance of the storage tank before use, and add liquid to observe whether there is leakage. For the storage tank containing chemical liquid, it is best to test the leakage with water to prevent losses

7. If there is a joint or flange connected pipe at the lower part of the storage tank, it should be perpendicular to the barrel wall. It is best to use a soft connection to avoid uneven expansion of the barrel wall up and down after it is filled with liquid, resulting in damage to the joint connection and leakage, and serious damage to the joint and barrel body

8. Pay special attention to the installation of the liquid inlet. When it is high from the tank bottom, the liquid inlet should be bent towards the tank wall to let the incoming liquid fall along the tank wall to reduce the impact on the bottom

9. For large capacity plastic vertical storage tanks (more than 20 cubic meters, driven by 1.5KW synchronous motor), metal reinforcing rings can be used to limit the expansion and deformation of the tank body, so as to avoid tank damage. The reinforcing ring made by the user is recommended to be made according to the drawings provided by the company

10. When installing heavy auxiliary equipment such as mixer on the tank, or when people need to work on the tank top and the tank can't bear the load, please make another rack or ladder, and pay attention to work safety

11. If the liquid level of the storage tank cannot be controlled, an overflow port should be installed on the storage tank to prevent the liquid from overflowing and causing unnecessary injury. When the liquid inlet and discharge flow of the storage tank is large, the exhaust hole with corresponding flow shall be installed

12. When changing the contained liquid, you should know whether the storage tank is allowed for the contained liquid, or repeatedly clean it. If necessary, you can check our station or contact our technology department

source: China's plastics industry

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