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In the next decade, the top ten technologies that have achieved rapid development

first, portable information machine

this new machine integrates the information processing ability of personal computer, Internet communication network, lifelike images of TV and convenience

second, fuel cell vehicle

the so-called fuel cell is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity, and only a small amount of water is discharged. The power source of fuel cell vehicles is electricity, so the design is simple, the driving parts are reduced, the credibility is enhanced, and the maintenance cost will also be reduced

III. precision agriculture

refers to the use of computers to carry out corresponding cultivation on various soils. Through the satellite receiver, we can master the information of soil composition, moisture content and parasitic erosion, and set the correct position of the tractor. In addition, the computer on the tractor will issue instructions to carry out the most appropriate universal experimental machine on different soils. What is the reason for the failure? Watering, sowing, fertilizing and spraying pesticides

IV. order high-quality and low-cost goods on the Internet

during the shopping process, robot salesmen will appear on the screen to discuss with customers. Robot salesmen are actually computers. They are familiar with all goods, and even every detail is clear. They stimulate the development of film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry and will not complain and serve customers tirelessly

v. enter the era of virtual life

virtual life will be possible through large wall mounted monitors and computers that can talk and learn in the near future

VI. hard working virtual assistant

virtual assistant is a "smart" software program that can learn the work of "employers". Over time, the virtual assistant will have the knowledge to replace the "employer" in writing letters that are generally considered invalid for the performance results, sorting out documents, typing, deciding candidates and other work

VII. Rapid progress in the improvement of animal and plant varieties

although genetically modified food has been criticized today, research in the new field of life science is still very active, and many achievements have been made, such as enhanced resistance to disease, accelerated reproduction, and the cultivation of plants containing more nutrients

VIII. Popularization of computerized medical services

computer systems are used for recording, diagnosis and prescription. The medical service adopts the computer system to process the lotion resin through the process of cold extrusion and re sintering, which will bring more convenience to doctors and patients, reduce medical expenses and reduce medical accidents

IX. the growth of alternative energy consumption such as wind, geothermal and solar energy

the so-called fossil fuels - oil, natural gas and coal will continue to be used. However, in 10 years, the proportion of wind, geothermal, hydrogen, solar and other alternative energy sources in the world's energy consumption will increase from the current 10% to about 30%

X. powerful "smart" robot

this robot can recognize the environment, execute complex commands, constantly learn and improve its actions

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