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Shanwei electric embedded casing instructions

as the main accessory of rigid combined casing, the [sealing rib] is the same as the executive standard of rigid combined casing, which is 04fd02. It also has national standards. Generally, the executive standard of national standards refers to 04fd02 atlas, and non-standard is to make a lower difference on the steel plate on this basis, or make a lower difference on the edge distance for production and processing, which can reduce the cost, However, it will have a relative impact on structures. Here, the excellent pipeline reminds users: in order to ensure quality and safety, please try to use national standard products

rigid combined casing is mainly composed of a steel plate and N steel pipes, The name of this steel plate "automobile higher grade" is the sealing rib. The material is Q235 carbon steel

rigid combined sleeve, which is mainly used for the protection of cables on the door frame wall of closed doors through the wall, and is also used for the protection of wires and cables in other positions.

[closed rib] The models of can be divided into: abcdef and other models according to the rigid combination casing, The details are as follows:

type a sealing rib is a single hole square steel plate

type B sealing rib is a two hole single row rectangular steel plate

type C sealing rib is a three hole single row rectangular steel plate

type D sealing rib is a four hole double row square steel plate

type E sealing rib is a five hole single row rectangular steel plate

type F sealing rib is a six hole double row rectangular steel plate

about special models, That is, non-standard sealing ribs can be customized. Our company supports the customized processing of various specifications and models that will put the trade cooperation with China on the agenda

[sealing rib] is cut from Q235 steel plate. The number and diameter of holes on it are determined according to the requirements of rigid combined casing, and its role cannot be ignored. [sealing rib] @2. The function of 30 seconds of power on: first, it is fixed to prevent looseness, which is better combined with concrete; Second, in wartime, the anti-virus gas seeps into the protection zone along the pipe wall or casing wall, so the material, thickness and height of the sealing rib have standard requirements. For excellent pipeline, it is recommended that you use the national standard sealing rib product here

[sealed rib] installation problem: it is mainly that when the electrical pipeline in the basement passes through or enters the civil air defense room, the civil air defense construction requires that the electrical pipeline be welded with sealed ribs at the boundary to play an explosion-proof role. Then, the electrical pipes in and out of the basement must be checked regularly (about 310 working days of normal use). Either install waterproof casing, and the electrical pipes enter the basement through the casing, or weld waterproof wing rings at the shear wall where the electrical pipes enter the basement to prevent water. However, the premise of the above two cases is that the electrical pipeline must be steel pipe. It is true that there is no sub item applied in the quota. See whether flange welding is applied and whether the quota material is converted

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