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Yimei softcom Li Yan resigns as CEO Zhaofang serves as co CEO with the strong support of the state ctiforum on January 24 (Fanyi): in January 2013, with the approval of the company's board of directors, Liyan Xiansheng, founder of Yimei softcom (Experian group member, stock code Expn), resigned as CEO for personal reasons and continued to serve as a director of Yimei group. Ms. Zhaofang served as the company's co CEO, Responsible for the overall operation of emsoft and the daily business management of the impeccable technical service team

Mr. Li Yan and Fengjun, the current chairman of the company, jointly founded Yimei softcom in 2001, and began to devote himself to the research and practice of China's mobile commerce industry. His theory of "three times selling" business model and the unification of four identities of mobile commerce have found a feasible business path for the practice of mobile commerce in China

Emmy softcom once obtained venture capital from IDG capital, and became the China strategic partner of Experian, the world's largest credit bureau and data marketing company, in 2011. In 2012, Experian increased its strategic investment in emsoft and became the strategic major shareholder of the company

Ms. Zhaofang joined Yimei softcom in 2006 at AC r Shantou separator in Europe and America. She has successively served as the company's vice president and chief operating officer, and has been responsible for the company's sales service and daily business operation for a long time. With many years of management and operation experience in the software IT industry, Ms. Zhaofang led Yimei softcom to constantly seek innovation and breakthrough. Various businesses have developed rapidly, and the company's performance has reached new highs. Since 2011, the business income has increased at a rate of more than 50% every year, and the integration of components has been greatly improved. Yimei softcom has established a marketing service system based in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, covering the direct branches in 11 major cities in China

Ms. Zhaofang said that after ten years of development, Yimei softcom has become the largest mobile commerce service provider for enterprise services in China, and its marketing system, product system and operating revenue are in the leading position in the industry

standing at a new starting point, while maintaining its original business, Yimei softcom will continue to seek technology and product innovation. Facing the mobile Internet era, the company timely launched a number of products, such as palm customer service - mobile member service system, satisfactom V6 and yihuitong, to provide more professional and efficient mobile commerce services to help more enterprise customers win the marketing and services in the mobile Internet era

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