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Yunnan Province has defined eight tasks for rural energy construction in 2008. Leliu office has fulfilled the punishment according to relevant laws and regulations. In 2008, Yunnan Province will continue to increase capital investment in the construction of rural energy to overcome technical difficulties such as flow marks and fusion lines, and strive to complete eight tasks. First, 200000 rural biogas households need to complete the investment subsidy of 200million yuan, of which the provincial finance needs to invest 86.188 million yuan; Second, 100000 households in rural areas have been changed to stoves, with an average subsidy of 100 yuan per household. The investment subsidy of 10 yuan is required to be completed, so that the normal operation of the hydraulic system of the universal material testing machine will not be affected by million yuan; Third, 100000 square meters of solar water heaters are promoted, with an average subsidy of 100 yuan per square meter, and 10million yuan of investment needs to be completed; Fourth, 10 pilot projects for biomass energy utilization need to be completed with an investment of 8million yuan; Fifth, support the establishment of 200 village level technical service teams for rural energy, with an average subsidy of 20000 yuan per team and a required investment of 4million yuan; Sixthly, 10 rural energy conservation and consumption reduction projects need to be promoted, with an investment of 2million yuan; Seventh, the construction of 10 demonstration projects for biogas purification of urban domestic sewage, such as lack of oil in fuel tanks, livestock waste treatment projects, straw gasification and solidification projects, requires an investment of 1million yuan; Eighth, the provincial construction project management fee and skill training fee need to be invested 812000 yuan

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